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5 Reasons Decluttering Improves Your Heath

Tired of looking at all that junk around the house? Did you know that getting rid of all that clutter not only can tidy up the place but also can improve your physical and mental well-being? 

Experts say that decluttering isn’t only about physical clarity and neatness; it has positive health benefits as well. According to Makespace.com, some of the benefits of decluttering include:

  1. Alleviates anxiety and depression – Research from the University of California found that clutter produces high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can trigger anxiety and depression. Put away new purchases or store sentimental items as soon as possible so there will be less clutter and stress at home.
  2. Promotes sleep – Studies link clutter in the bedroom with interrupted sleep patterns. Researchers from St. Lawrence University found that messy bedrooms result in poor sleep due to depression and stress.
  3. Reduces allergies – It’s easy to get mold, pet hair, and dust mites in the home if you have objects scattered all over the house. This can lead to troublesome allergens and poor ventilation. Makespace.com says that poor ventilation coupled with high humidity is a breeding ground for mold.
  4. Creates harmony – When people share living quarters, a messy environment can strain relationships between family members and roommates. Keep your clutter out of common areas. This will create a more harmonious relationship in the home, as well as improve emotional well-being.
  5. Gets you moving — Putting household items away, dusting and vacuuming are forms of exercise, so you will feel the physical benefits of decluttering your home. Thrive Global says that dusting can burn up to 174 calories an hour. Since dust always seems to return the next day, you can be sure you will continue to reap the benefits of this chore.

If the pandemic has you staying home more, what better time than now to start decluttering? Your home and your body will thank you!

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