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Adding More Spices to Your Diet Can Help Extend Your Life

Although it is well-known that eating healthier foods will help you live longer, there is another angle to this issue that you know. Adding more flavor to your meals – in the form of spices – can help increase your longevity.

A study conducted in China in 2015 involving more than 500,000 people, revealed that people that ate spicy foods nearly every day had a 14 percent lower risk of dying than those who did not consume spices nearly as often. While an exact cause has not been determined, it is suspected that the capsaicin in the hot peppers reduced inflammation and lowered cholesterol levels. The risk level was lowered even more for those that did not consume alcohol. It was also found that those who ate spicy foods about twice a week benefited by having a 10 percent less risk of dying from any disease.

Most noticeable were the causes of death that were nearly absent in those that frequently ate spices in their diet. Fewer people were found to have died from such diseases as cancer, heart disease, and diseases of the respiratory system. There was also a difference between those who ate fresh chili peppers and those who ate the dried variety. Eating the fresh chili peppers lowered their risk of these diseases even more – including diabetes.

One of the reasons that some spices can help you live longer is because they help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is believed to be the cause of over 100 diseases – including cancer, heart disease, and dementia. The spice, curcumin, has been used to reduce problems such as arthritis and some autoimmune problems.

Some spices are even known to have some antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Cumin and turmeric, for instance, help to destroy bacteria that may be harmful to your body.

Capsaicin has also been shown to reduce the growth of – and even destroy – some cancer cells. It also has been reported that healthy cells were unharmed.

Capsaicin is the ingredient that makes chili peppers hot, and it has been looked at in many studies. Overall, the study showed that people who ate these peppers often have a 25 percent less chance of dying from any disease than those who do not eat them at all – or only occasionally. Because of the types of studies involved, more research needs to be conducted on this spice to ensure that it is responsible for these benefits.

Spicy foods are also going to boost your metabolism. It means that eating them could aid in weight loss – which could also add to your longevity. Merely consuming peppers such as cayenne, jalapeno, and habanero could help your body burn an extra 50 calories per day. To see the benefits, you would need to consume the peppers almost every day. Another benefit of adding peppers to your diet for weight loss is that it also reduces your appetite.

It is not yet certain whether the spices alone can provide all of these benefits or not. The benefits may just be a part of healthier eating habits, including reduced alcohol and drinking more water. When eating peppers is combined with eating a healthy diet, these benefits will enable you to increase your longevity in more than one way.

There are many kinds of hot spices around the world. As you seek to enjoy the many international flavors of hot spices and foods, you can also enjoy knowing that you are probably adding years to your life – if you eat them regularly.

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