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Breakthrough Reveals That Hyperbaric Chambers Can Reverse Human Aging

Longevity science is always trying to find new ways to extend human life. For years, longevity clinics have looked for ways to reverse human aging, which has eluded them until recently. Now, reports are coming out that they may have succeeded. 


The new approach involves hyperbaric chambers and what they have learned to do to the human body. The initial breakthrough test involved 35 seniors who were older than 64. Doctors from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Center in Israel conducted the research. When the study was completed, they were surprised at the results and believed they had found the “Holy Grail” of how to reverse human aging


Up until now, aging has been largely considered to be irreversible. Three main reasons for this thinking are that cells have an end life, and the length of a human life is believed to be measurable by the length of a person’s telomeres. Telomeres are caps on the end of chromosomes which get shorter as you age.


Another reason human life expectancy is believed to be limited is because of the accumulation of senescent cells. These cells are older than average and do not die. It causes them to prevent new cells from replacing them, and organs and other tissues slowly die as the senescent cells increase. 


A third reason is that your T-cells, a key part of your immune system that fights against cancer and other diseases, are no longer trained to recognize harmful bacteria as you age. Once this happens, your body will develop diseases that it successfully fought off when you were younger but now offers little defense against them. 


Although hyperbaric chambers have been available for private use for a few years, the kind of testing conducted by Tel Aviv University is a first. Benefits already known were increased immune system, improved blood flow, and speed healing. It can also reduce inflammation, help repair blood cells, and improve brain function. 


Another benefit is that hyperbaric chambers can help restore brain functions after suffering damage from aging, an injury to the brain, or a stroke. A hyperbaric chamber has been used – and still is – to help treat burns, infections leading to tissue death, non-healing wounds (such as those caused by diabetes), gangrene, radiation, skin grafts, severe anemia, injury from crushing, and more. 


The newly discovered research found that when seniors were given daily hyperbaric treatments for 90 minutes five days of a week over three months, they saw more amazing benefits. First, their senescent cells were reduced by 37%, which is equal to being about 25 years younger. An additional surprise was that it did it in only three months. 


A second result was that their telomeres were lengthened from 20% to 38%, the variation caused by the cell type. It is a level not reached by any other method attempting to reverse human aging. A longevity diet, taking longevity supplements, or lifestyle changes, has not come close to producing similar results. 


Because of the announcement of the possible “Holy Grail,” and the discoveries already known about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, you can be sure that many more studies will soon be conducted. You may also be interested in getting your hyperbaric chamber and possibly start seeing similar results to increase your longevity. 

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