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Can 90 Be the New 40?

Research in the field of longevity has multiplied, and people are already benefitting from it. The new information has shown how humans can live longer and healthier – the longevity paradox. 

People everywhere have gained from the research, but more has yet to be learned in this field. The knowledge has already led to an increased life expectancy – compared to 50 years ago – which was just over 71 years in the United States. 

One recent development that has shown promise in this field is the creation of an app called Great Age Reboot. After examining thousands of scientific papers, a team of researchers developed an app that enables users to maintain increased health and a more youthful age for years. 

They have no intention of seeking to enable people to live another 30 years in a nursing home. Instead, they designed the app, which uses current knowledge, to enable people to stay younger in their physical ability for years more than normal.  

The program’s goal for this app is to “reboot” your health so that even when you reach 90, you will still feel like you are 40. Although there is not enough information available to actually do that at this time, the program originators believe they could have the answers they need within ten years. 

Combining what is known and building it into the app so that users benefit from current knowledge about longevity is expected to help people be healthier longer now. Their physical age will matter less because the app users will be healthier and more active for years longer. 

Even though there is a lot of misleading information on the Internet, the group intends to add only the correct information to users through the app. There is also an interactive aspect of the app that works with people and takes them from where they are to better health and fitness. Doctors can also monitor their patients for progress. 

One thing that is already known is that certain habits and lifestyles can affect your health and give you a longer life expectancy. Much of this information comes from studying people that live in Blue Zones – areas of the world where people are known to live the longest.

Several factors are already well-known to impact your longevity health. No one wants to spend years living in a nursing home, and building these longevity factors into your life can help you avoid it longer. The factors that are known to most impact your longevity wellness are:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise and physical activity
  3. Managing stress
  4. Relationships
  5. Keeping your brain active
  6. Getting enough sleep. 

The app helps people with various health goals, encouraging them to develop a lifestyle balance by leading them to get the right amount of the six things above. In the realm of the right diet, it shows app users how to eat at the right time for the most benefit, the kinds of foods that are best for health, and the number of calories that leads to the best health. 

 The app, the Great Age Reboot, is designed to enable each user to develop the health needed to create a “reboot” of health and physiological age. It includes lessons to instruct users on what things are necessary to get better health and tracks the users’ progress. The app is sold on a subscription basis and a 10-day free trial is available. 

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