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Can Some Foods Rob You Of A Longer Life?

Wanting a longer life and applying those important tips for healthy living are two different things. It is possible to practice some of them, but miss other ones. One of those aspects you need to watch is the foods you eat. One of the ways to live longer is to avoid eating too much of the wrong foods can shorten your life by a few years and make null and void the other steps you already may be taking.

One popular breakfast food that could rob you of the longevity you want is the common egg. If you eat an entire egg each morning, recent research says that you will increase your risk of death from any cause by 14 percent. If you were to only eat the egg whites, you will reduce your risk of death from any cause by as much as 6 percent. Even if you only ate half an egg each day, your risk of dying early from all causes is seven percent higher. 

One popular food loved in America that you need to eat less of is hotdogs. This one food will take 36 minutes off of your life for each one you eat. Although you could eat a couple of them every now and then, you need to avoid a regular diet of hot dogs if you want to live longer. 

Processed meats can also be added to the list of foods you want to eat less often. This list includes meats such as bacon, pepperoni, sausage, lunch meats, salami, etc. The key problem with these foods is that they usually have a lot of salt, added chemicals, and few nutrients. 

Eating meals with high percentages of protein in them can also be harmful in the long run. Having a lot of protein in your meals, rather than plant-based foods, raises your risk of developing cancer by four times as much. Consuming about 200 grams of red meat per day will also raise your risk of death by cardiovascular disease or cancer by 23 percent. High protein meals regularly will give you a 74 percent increased risk of dying from any disease. A balance of protein with plant-based food is desirable, and you also want to avoid a low-protein diet. 

Enjoying too many foods loaded with added sugar is also going to shorten your life. It has been found that this ingredient and its life-shortening effect will take place regardless of any other health practices you employ. Sugary foods include sodas, fruit juices, specialty coffees, ice cream, and much more. If you get about 25 percent or more of your daily sugar intake from added sugar (as opposed to sugars in fruits, etc.), you more than double your risk of heart disease.   

Too much salt in your food is also going to prevent a longer life. Most fast foods and processed foods contain a lot of salt. Having too much salt in the diet was found to be the third-largest risk factor from food because it often led to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. 

The good news is that there are also some foods that could help to add years to your life. They include green tea, coffee, foods high in omega-3, and nuts. Even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can help you regain some lost time – as much as 33 minutes each. 

Balancing a healthy diet with the other most important factors of a healthy lifestyle will enable you to feel great and live a longer life. They include regular exercise, not smoking, keeping a healthy body weight, avoiding smoking, and limiting alcohol.

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