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Ghee’s Shocking Health Benefits

Ghee isn’t well known among everyone, but it should be. 

According to natural therapists, regular use of pure ghee can boost skin health, eye condition, and hair maintenance.

Right alongside familiar favorites like olive oil and coconut oil is ghee, a type of fat made by heating butter — ideally grass-fed butter — to boost its natural nutrient profile and flavor. Ghee is full of fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids, and ghee benefits can range from building stronger bones to enhancing weight loss.

Ghee is similar to clarified butter, which is produced by heating butter to remove the milk solids and water. Once separated, the milk solids are removed, which means that ghee has less lactose than butter.

However, in comparing ghee vs. clarified butter, ghee is simmered longer to bring out the butter’s naturally nutty flavor and is left with a higher smoke point than butter, meaning that it can be heated to a higher temperature before it starts to smoke.

Traditionally, ghee has been used as cooking oil, an ingredient in savory dishes, in Ayurveda therapies, and is traditionally used in Asian cooking. Ghee is still used in Ayurvedic massage and as a base for herbal ointments to treat burns and rashes.

Benefits of Ghee

Low In Fat: If you have problems with cholesterol, ghee is a healthier option than butter as it is low in fat. It is also easier to digest because of this. Research has shown that ghee can reduce cholesterol in the intestine and the serum. Ghee is your best option if you are looking for a good source of healthy fats, as it is almost made up of saturated fat.

Anticancer And Anti-Inflammatory Properties: According to researchers, butyrate enemas and oral butyrate supplements can be used for the effective treatment of diseases that cause inflammation in the bowels, such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

Provides Energy: Ghee is a storehouse of energy with tons of energy per tablespoon. It has plenty of medium-chain fatty acids, which can be directly absorbed into the liver and burnt as energy. It can release energy even hours after consumption, which means athletes can benefit from it. 

Relieves Constipation: Ghee is an excellent remedy for those who suffer from constipation. In ancient India, as directed by Ayurveda, ghee enemas were in vogue.

Aids Thyroid Dysfunction: Thyroid dysfunction is a common disorder among middle-aged women. It can lead to hormonal upheaval in the body along with reproductive problems. Clarified butter or ghee contains no milk solids, so this dairy product is very beneficial. The gastrointestinal tracts and the immune system are both compromised by an abnormal thyroid gland and are protected by ghee. Apart from that, thyroxin hormone is also regulated by chemicals present in ghee.

For Topical Use

Burns: Simply applying pure cow ghee on the burn patch will relieve burning pain and stimulate skin restoration faster. A ghee massage is also helpful for treating fire burn injuries.

Eyesight: Pure Cow ghee is of yellow color, and it is due to the presence of beta-carotene, which means eating ghee every day is a helpful remedy for improving eyesight. 

Hair: Pure ghee is good for boosting hair health. Regular scalp massage with pure ghee may help in boosting hair health growth.  

Dry Skin: Ghee has a natural hydrating quality. Just a light massage on the skin keeps your skin hydrated and undamaged, preventing unwanted dryness.

Dry Lips: A light massage with ghee on your lips may help cure pesky winter dry lips. You can use this year-round to enjoy soft and supple lips.

Using ghee and adding it to your daily activities has many advantages.  

Ghee has a longer shelf life than ordinary butter and, when stored in an airtight container, can be kept at room temperature or can also be kept in the refrig

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