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Habits Linked to Living Longer

Although some people do live for a long time without much special care, most people need to pay attention to several specific things to ensure a longer life. Living haphazardly and indifferently will likely shorten your life. The following habits have been found to have the greatest impact on longevity, but avoiding other ones is also necessary.

Stay in Shape

If you have extra pounds around the middle, realize that this condition can lead to many significant health problems – and likely early death. One study found that nearly all men who live to be 100 or more are all lean. Being overweight and staying that way for years can contribute to conditions that include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, stroke, gallbladder disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer – and all other causes of death. It will also affect a person’s mental health and level of social acceptance.

It is true that genes, as well as some illnesses, often lead to obesity. Some drugs may also promote this condition. When that is the case, individuals that want to live longer should see their doctor and get counsel about dietary changes, reducing calories, getting more exercise, etc. In many cases, losing that extra weight will lead to improved health. It could also even reverse some bad health conditions.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy foods will also help to keep the extra pounds off. Restricting calories will help prevent them from being stored in body fat. In nations where people live longer, they typically consume fewer calories. This has been seen to not only extend their lives, but also lower their chances of getting various diseases.

Healthy foods mean reducing the foods and snacks that are laden with sugar and salt, fried foods, processed foods and snacks, and eating more natural foods. This includes foods such as more vegetables, nuts, fruit, less red meat, and foods with more omega-3 fatty acids. Changing to a diet of healthy foods can reduce your risk of early death by about 15% or more.

Lead Active Lifestyles

Living a sedentary life is not going to help you live longer. Physicians have determined that the average individual needs to conduct some kind of physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day for five days each week – or 150 minutes weekly. Preferably, the exercise needs to be in the range of moderate to vigorous. Recent studies, though, have revealed that even exercises such as walking or cleaning can also lower your risk of an early death. Those who exercise more than the recommended 150 minutes per week lowered their risk of early death even more – by as much as 35 percent.

About Premature Death

Studies have revealed that more than half of the people who died prematurely had unhealthy habits that shortened their life. Those habits included smoking, excessive alcohol intake, a poor diet, obesity, and inactivity. People who never had engaged in these habits tended to live about seven years longer. Those who currently engage in these habits can benefit from reducing their participation in them – and quitting altogether will produce even better results.

Focusing on just one aspect of living a healthy lifestyle will help you live longer. Each of the above aspects of healthy living that you add to your life – especially before you are 50 – will likely add years to your longevity.

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