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Have You Tried Power 9 for Longevity?

After studying those areas where people live the longest – called Blue Zones – researchers discovered that they had nine things in common. In each Blue Zone, many people live over 90 and over 100 and are often still healthy and active. Following these nine things, called Power 9, can help you live to 100 and beyond. 


Many people believe that their genes determine how long they will live. Although genes play a part in your longevity, scientists believe they only have a 20% to 30% effect on your lifespan. Things like environment, diet, and lifestyle have a larger impact. 


Here is a brief look at the Power 9 factors:


  1. Keep moving


Modern lifestyles are often very sedentary, with people sitting at desks or computers for hours. People are also on their cell phones for hours and move very little. Blue Zone people deliberately stay active and are on the move through the day, working in a garden, walking, doing chores around the house, etc. 


  1. Have a Life Purpose


Instead of entering retirement without a purpose or goal for their remaining life, people in Blue Zones have a purpose. Without one, there is no reason to get out of bed in the morning and nothing to look forward to in the day. It is considered a necessity for a longer life. 


  1. Reduce Stress


Stress is inevitable today, but knowing how to reduce it can help you live longer. Stress produces cortisol, which is harmful to your organs when it persists over long periods. It can result in sleep problems, anxiety, substance abuse, PTSD, and personality disorders. 


  1. Eat Moderately


Eating smaller meals than commonly eaten today is another secret to living longer. People in Okinawa – a Blue Zone – typically only eat until they are 80% full. Eating more than that will likely lead to weight gain. Cut back on your snacks – even stopping eating after your last meal of the day. 


  1. Consume More Plant-based Foods


Modern diets often have a lot of processed foods in them – and less nutrition. Eating more plant-based foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans, and reducing your meat intake can help you live longer. 


  1. Join a Community


Participating regularly in a community, such as a religious group, club, or sport, can add years to your life. It can make a difference of four to 14 more years – if it is a meaningful group. It can give you significance and a sense of belonging. 


  1. Make Family a Priority


Staying close to your family – physically or by having frequent contact, can help you live longer. Having them close by may be more beneficial. Staying married can do the same thing – enabling you to possibly live three years longer. 


  1. Limit Alcohol Consumption


Drinking alcohol in excess can open the door to many types of cancer, as well as dementia. If you must drink it at all, limit it to one or two glasses a day. 


  1. Develop Many Friendships


If you want to try to live to 100, you need to have some friends. Loneliness is very harmful and can shorten your life by years. Researchers compare the harmful effects of loneliness to that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 


The Power 9 factors can not only help you live longer but also live stronger. By starting these nine things in your life, you may be able to increase your life expectancy – even if you are already older. 

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