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These Apps Are The Latest Health Trend

Looking to streamline your cannabis experience? Enjoy the technological side of weed culture with these 6 marijuana apps available for iOS and Android users.

Current marijuana apps help you to locate a local dispensary, find a delivery service, price plants and get store hours or a date.

These apps connects users to a community where they can share tips, feedback, and advice.

Events where recreational marijuana affectionados mingle are also found using an app, which is a popular feature among users.

Grow with Jane is an app for marijuana users who want to garden at home, and learn more about the type of plant they are cultivating. People are able to anonymously connect with a community and share photos of their plants within the app.

Weedmaps is the most popular and oldest app on the market. It allows users to find dispensaries, locate hours of operation and even prices of items.

PotBot app allows users to learn more about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant. Information provided is medically researched and scientifically based.

This app helps users explore which type of plant is best for pain, anxiety or to cook with, and help patients find a doctor to dispense medicinal marijuana when needed.

There’s also a marijuana app called BudFarm for gamers who want to build a virtual plant world and community instead of real-life.

High There is a dating app for marijuana users who want to meet like-minded people to talk about cannabis or fall in love.

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