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Maximize Your Lifespan: The Health Benefits of Exercise

Most doctors agree that exercising is one of the best things you can do for your health and longevity. Although some people do not like exercising, it does not yet any equal substitute.

Even a little exercise is beneficial compared to being a couch potato – which can shorten your life.

Many forms of exercise can be chosen – from simple types like brisk walking all the way up to the demanding high-intensity interval training (HIIT). It is recommended that you vary your exercise in the same week.

Along with your chosen form of exercise on most days of the week, you should seek to engage all your muscles and perform cardio and strength training two days a week.

You can conduct a regular program of exercise in your own home. It is unnecessary to buy any home gym equipment or even to go to a gym – unless you choose to do so.

Or, you could buy one or two pieces of exercise equipment to use in your home, such as an exercise bike, a treadmill, a rowing machine, or weights, or just use resistance bands and body-weight exercises.

Four (4) Benefits Of Regular Exercise As A Health Behaviour

You have many more options if you want to exercise outdoors or at a gym. You could swim, walk, go biking, hike, do water aerobics, do weight-lifting, do Tai chi, and many more. Gardening can also be beneficial, doing yard work, walking the dog, etc.

You can watch exercise videos online or hire a personal trainer for faster results.

Besides improving your overall health, exercises can enable people to live better – helping them be happier with more strength, energy, and less pain and weakness. They also help you to stay mobile longer.

People that are obese are more likely to die early because of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. They are also apt to need to visit a doctor more often because of a higher risk of getting sick, and chronic health conditions, and they will have more hospital stays.

Although exercise may not eliminate diseases, along with the right medicine, it can help keep them under control. They can also help prevent the disease from getting the upper hand on your health.

Problems such as smoking and drinking large amounts of alcohol may restrict the benefits of exercise and promote the development of some diseases – such as several types of cancer. Eliminating both issues can help give you better health and increase your longevity.

Regular exercise also can help reduce depression, pain, and stress. Conducting some exercise on most days can help you feel better in general. The endorphins released will also help you feel better.

Exercise also provides some benefits for your mental health. It helps your mind stay healthy by reducing the likelihood of getting dementia and enabling your mind to stay sharp longer. You will be able to solve problems and have a better memory.

It can do this because exercise increases the blood flow to the brain. Some exercises, such as aerobics, will help to rewire your brain by rearranging the connections in your brain for better memory.

Getting a better night’s rest is also a result of regular exercise. Because of the endorphins which wake your mind, you will want to exercise between one to two hours before bedtime.

Exercise also raises your body’s core temperature, which can wake you up. When your body’s core temperature starts to fall, you will find it easier to sleep.

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