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New Study Proves the Antiaging Effects of Vitamin D

A new research paper has just been published in the journal Aging that provides conclusive evidence of the antiaging effects of vitamin D.

While the research was done on fruit flies, the researchers are confident that their results will translate into humans. Many successful antiaging protocols have started on experiments with fruit flies (drosophila), which are quite popular in genetics and longevity research because of their relatively short lifespans.

In this particular study the researcher were able to show how supplementation with vitamin D extends the rejuvenative powers of undifferentiated adult stem cells. The study looked at specific vitamin D receptors (VDRs) in the fruit fly midgut.

Key Takeaways From This Study:

  • Studying these specific VDRs in the drosophia midgut showed that vitamin D induced adult stem cell proliferation, slowed adult stem cell aging and stem cell death.
  • Understanding that aging and oxidative stress increases stem cell death, these impacts were, when induced were shown to be reduced by vitamin D treatment.
  • In conclusion, this study provides direct evidence of the antiaging role of the vitamin D involving protecting stem cells during aging.

You can read the complete study entitled, “The antiaging effect of vitamin D and vitamin D receptor in Drosophila midgut.” by clicking on the link.

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