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Spunky Wisconsin Centenarian Reveals Her Longevity Secrets!

According to the most recent census data, more people than ever are living to 100. Spunky Sarah Stenberg recently became one of them. The super-senior may live in a nursing home, but that’s not stopping her from getting in some serious exercise.

Every day, this lady racks up four miles just by strutting around the halls of her retirement community. Yep — even though she’s more than 100 years old, Sarah still walks three to four hours a day!

“Everybody sleeps about this time of day. They’re great nappers,” she said with a laugh. “I enjoy very much doing it and I know it’s for my own benefit,” she told FOX59.

Sarah’s even joined a six-week health system challenge to get the rest of her community out and moving each day.

When asked how old she is, Sarah says with a wry smile, “100 – and five months!”

Fellow centenarians 103-year-old Angelina “Angie” Torrisi and 101-year-old Margaret Vaccaro, both patients of Northwell Health in New York, say that exercise is one thing, but to them, the key to their long lives has been “reducing stress.” 

To keep stress down, the ladies say, it is important to keep busy.

“If you sit around [and] do nothing, stupid thoughts will go through your mind. You have to keep busy doing other things,” Torrisi said. For her, she turns to cooking – and eating. 

“I bake. I eat,” she said with a laugh.

Vaccaro adds, “I think people put so much stress on themselves. They worry about things that are not important to them… you have to avoid the stress,” she said.

Like Stenberg the pair also said keeping active is vital, both saying they were quote active in their younger days, and there were no elevators, or public transportation so you had no choice but to use stairs and walk everywhere, every day. 

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