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Tim vs Aging – Day 10 – Off to the Doctor’s for a Checkup

It was an off day for most of the major stuff, no intense workout, normal calorie budget, etc. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment this close to starting mostly timed so that the standard tests would be taken before the start of the project.

A quick rant. My new insurance plan did not kick in until April 1, but I wanted the blood tests to happen before the start of the project in late March. This means I had to pay about $500 out of pocket. At some point before with this doctor I remember receiving a list of largely unintelligible test results. Didn’t get that this time, even though I might be more motivated to look at it and work on it. I’m not sure how much my insurance will be charged for the appointment itself, but probably nearly the same. Considering that I was only there for 45 minutes and most of that was sitting by myself I’m thinking that this could be done a lot more cheaply.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this doctor a lot (and rearranged my insurance so that I good come back to this organization), but he did not seem all that interested in the project I was undertaking or the potential result. I expected him to be interested in what changes were intended, and perhaps might find them useful for other patients, but no. Yes, my cholesterol is a little high but nobody from my extended family has ever died of a heart attack, so I’m not too worried about that. Plus the project should go a long way in remedying all of that.

But I did manage to get a follow-up appointment for three months from now, and I will definitely want to check to see if there are improvements.

One item of note, I mentioned to the doctor that I was definitely tired from the workouts in the past week. He said I should probably not “overtrain.”

I’m not taking that advice.

I know enough about how I feel and how I operate that when I am training, I go at it hard. And any time I do a training regimen I will be tired from it until some of the training takes effect, I build up what I intended to build up and I’m better able to take the training. I reach a plateau, I stay on the plateau for a while, and the next goal has to be a higher plateau. But reaching it is the point and you have to work hard for that. I can take being tired if the goal is worthy.


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