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Tim vs Aging – Day 11 – Some Baseline Data, and Maintaining Consistency

I now have some data of consequence, the TruemeLabs.com results are in. My Biological Age is O. No wait, that is probably not right, and my chronological age is certainly not 42. Let’s write to them and ask them what screwed up. OK, fixed … now.

Got the Trumelabs.com test results!

My biological age is 64.7, about 4.9 years more than my chronological age. We will see if it matches the others when their result comes in. This is not unexpected, considering my diet and such. The purpose of the project is to shove that down to 54 in the short term and much lower in the longer term.

Now that I have done the complete cycle once and have experienced each method in sequence, I’m bored. And this has been my problem. How do I maintain consistency through a 60-day program with only my loyal readership as inspiration and support?

But the bottom line is we each are responsible for our own lives and our own health. No amount of free health care or nagging from strangers will get us out of our rut and into better shape unless we are motivated ourselves.

As for today’s progress, worked out with Trisha and felt very strong. The stretching is improving my kicking and I was less fatigued than from the last two workouts. Yes, I know that “feeling strong” is not a scientific measurement. But I hadn’t planned to measure progress on this, I’m using such objective measures as the epigenetic tests, weight loss and the changes in the telomeres over the life of the project.

Want some fight action? Here we go!

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