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Tim vs Aging – Day 14 – Recovery and Acceleration

The day after fasting I had a small breakfast, sausage, eggs and toast and was great for the day. I’m down 2.5 lbs for the project, which you may remember is less than the 3.5 lbs I measured last week. The yo-yo phenomenon is not new for me, I usually don’t lose ANY weight the first week of a weight loss effort.

Former UFC heavyweight Champ Andre Arlosvky. I will be calling him out soon!!

But I feel good. The session with Trish was good, she was impressed with my attempts to do jump kicks. Some of them might have actually hurt somebody (Arlosky, you should be getting more nervous!). Fortunately, my heavy punching bag does not feel pain.

This project was designed to measure specific results after 60 days and I will follow through with that. But I am more and more convinced that the goal is to build a sustainable program. I’m not going to take on former UFC champ Arlovsky with just the progress that I will make here (as if…). But I believe I can continue to improve for quite some time on this program, and it is not causing interference in the rest of my life. And to me, that is the key. You don’t have to binge and suffer to be healthy.

By the way, I mention before that there are a number of things I won’t be doing, but that I would like to do. Here is an article from the well-respected Steve Hill (well respected even though he pooped on the hyperbaric chamber study…) on the dilution of blood plasma with a saline solution and albumin. A 20% boost by doing this with mice every three weeks.

It occurs to me that when you donate plasma, you are three-quarters of the way through this procedure. The process is they draw the blood, separate the blood cells, keep the plasma and replace the blood cells in a saline solution. The only difference in my non-expert evaluation is to add the albumin to the mix. You can donate plasma every 28 days. Seems to me, a minor modification could make this available to anyone. Am I wrong?




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