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Tim vs Aging – Day 16 – Weights, Wine — and a Foot Massage!

Today was weight workout day. I’m still on the Cybex circuit and all of my weights now are within two notches of maximum. Nine machines, three circuits. But before you are too impressed, this circuit is designed for 15-20 reps in a minute or so. I’m shooting for 5-7 reps, so I’m not quite using the machines as intended. I did a couple of rounds of plank (holding a pushup position but on your elbows), as a back exercise, but I might have some new ideas.

I purposely pushed it this week because I didn’t have any muscle pain last Monday. That is a sign to me that I am not working hard. While I’m not a huge fan of “no pain, no gain,” I do respect that at this stage I should be adjusting to the load, and that means muscle pain.

I will do this again next week and then morph over to the free weights. I think free weights should be where I get to as a sustainable weight training program.

As you may recall, I’m using wine to increase the bioavailability of the Fisetin dose (3500 mg). I still get a bit tipsy, but this is the most alcohol I have had in more than 15 years (that’s quite another story!).

A foot massage can relieve tension and stretch out your muscles. You have to try it at least once!

After I recovered from the wine, I decided to go get a foot massage. Technically this is not part of my project, but I’m (ahem…) absolutely sure this will enhance the fisetin process of getting rid of senescent cells.
Not sure if you have them in your area but they are excellent.

I first became aware of foot massage places when I drove through an area of California where I saw literally dozens of them with signs advertising a massage for $10 (for 15 minutes). Then I realized they were in south Florida and I tried one.

Usually run by Chinese, these establishments charge $30 to $40 for an hour of foot massage (add $10 for a tip). There are at least a dozen of these places around Boca Raton.

Perhaps half the massage is devoted to feet, but the other half is arms, legs and back. They are excellent. Generally, you are guided into a large room that may have from six to twenty massage couches, sometimes separated by curtains. They put your feet into a bucket of warm water, lay you back and start with your arms. Then feet. Then roll over and do the back. Most masseuses are male, but you can request female if you like (and if they are available).

Just like any massage service you have to shop around to find the one you like. Right now I go to Foot Reflexology near Boca Raton and have decided that “Julie” (not sure what her Chinese name is, but they all seem to have American names) is my new favorite.

She actually used something to poke my feet this time, which hurt just the right amount and the overall effect was excellent. This place also uses hot rocks, and occasionally a masseuse will grab the bars overhead and walk on your back (if she knows what she is doing, this is great, if not, it is intense pain, you take your chances…).

If you are taking care of yourself, it does not all have to be pain and suffering. A massage can be part of that.

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