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Tim vs Aging – Day 19 – Fasting Day, and Bacteria to Lose Weight

Since I will be traveling on Friday, I moved my workout to Thursday and the fasting day to Wednesday (today). It went pretty well, but I still have the physical habit of snacking, so that void goes unfilled. I’m certainly not starving, and the hunger pangs are very minor and ignorable.

But more than this, I believe the more noticeable hunger pangs on fasting day make it a lot easier to stick to my calorie budget on other days. I’ve always loved food (the limited selection of food I actually eat), and use it to relax. It’s a habit. Habits can be broken.

As a bonus, let’s talk about Lactobacillus reuteri! Quite a mouthful and generally referred to as L. reuteri, this is a bacteria that is being given credit for a number of benefits.

Familiar with pro-biotics? Pro-biotics are those pills you take to enhance the bacteria in your intestines, the bacteria that breaks down your food and produces the nutrients that keep you alive. L. reuteri is one of those. The research in the link shows that L. reuteri triggers “protection from fat pathology”, i.e. makes you slimmer.

At least it does this in mice.


The second article makes life a bit more interesting. This is a study that shows that pro-biotics and in particular L. reuteri, are associated with larger testicles.

Again, at least in mice.


Science! You have to measure everything – just be careful clamping onto your testicles!

If you want to buy pro-biotics containing L. reuteri, it is readily available on Amazon and is not that expensive. But make sure that you do this scientifically, make sure you have your scale handy for measuring weight loss. And to see how much change you have in your testicles, you may need one of these –>

If you are on that trajectory, check this article out as well.


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