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Tim vs Aging – Day 21 – Travel Day Screws the Schedule. And I am Officially Young Again!!!

I’m traveling (to an undisclosed location) every habit, every routine gets screwed up. And just so you know, I’ve traveled around the world many times, and have spent more time in airports than most have spent on vacations.

I got my supplements, but it looks like the stretching regimen is going by the wayside. My calorie count for today is actually very low, but I inserted some caffeine that violates my goals. I did my hyperbaric chamber last night around 1:30 am, but I won’t be able to do it again until Monday evening. I will likely delay my weightlifting until Monday since there are no gyms handy. And Fisetin follows weightlifting. No Face cream.

Such is life.

This is a 60-day project and my temporary shortcomings should not disturb the results too much. And if I am so rigid that I can never break the routine, then I don’t really have a sustainable anti-aging system, do I. I didn’t start this just to be a robot, living is erratic, spontaneous, dangerous and

I can now declare my Anti-Aging Project to be a complete success, since the U.N. has declared me to be young.


By the way, I posted the image below in the Facebook Group, but I really love it. The U.N. has declared that everyone under the age of 65 is considered young.

So by this reasoning, the Tim vs. Aging Project is a complete success! I am young again according to a well-known authority.

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