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Tim vs Aging – Day 22 – Still Traveling. Let’s talk about ‘Caloric Restriction’

No point in beating around the bush. The only parts of the Project that have survived are the calorie budget and the supplements. I’ll transition to the normal routine on Monday. So let’s change the subject.

Caloric Restriction

This is a method for life extension that I have heard about for many years. I just ran across this article that talks about it, and we have discussed some of this in previous articles.

Caloric Restriction for Longevity

Caloric Restriction (CR) is defined in this article as a 10& to 30% reduction in consumed calories. In the Tim vs. Aging Project, I think I have likely reduced by 20%-30%, mostly in calories from sodas.

Some interesting tidbits from the article.

CR was shown to decrease the growth of tumors in mice (those brave mice again!). Some of them died having not suffered any symptoms of the tumors.

A monkey study extended the average lives of monkeys from 25 years to 32 years, with the health of the CR monkeys maintains at higher levels.

Benefits to humans? We have talked about them before and they are reiterated here. Lots of diseases you are less likely to get. This article is worth a read.

This is the reason I decided to include one day of fasting per week, to activate some of those reactions that provide benefits. Best I can tell these are real and moderately well studied results. Since it in part affects epigenetic age, I will have some real results when I get back the second set of epigenetic tests. I will let you know after the project is done.

Try it if you dare!

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