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Tim vs Aging – Day 26 – MMA workout – plus Hair Color Restoration?

Got back to the MMA workout with Trisha, it was a good session. I hadn’t done the stretches during the travel so I was a bit wary. Very slight soreness from the previous day’s weight lifting. Supplements done. Skin Cream done. Calories – hit my max for the first time, due to eating a couple of very tiny birthday cupcakes. They were 250 calories each times two (sometimes you have to live a little…).

By the way, if you work out and get sweaty, take a shower right after. Aside from the obvious reason that you don’t want to stink, make sure you wash the sweat out of your eyes. If you don’t the salt may cause your eyes to swell and be puffy like mine do when I don’t shower immediately after a work out.

In one of the Facebook groups I follow, a gentleman was talking about how his chest hair had regained some of its orignal color. Hmmm… What could be a better example of age reversal than that?

He believes this is a result of the AMPK he is taking (no worries, I’ll do an article on that at some point…). If this is true though, I’m wondering why this is not already a more popular application of the supplement.

Here is the article, it is a bit difficult to work through, and I haven’t had a chance to wade in fully yet.


By the way, this is a systemic effect, which is the kind of process I am looking for.  Products like Rogaine for regrowing hair are a local effect. In fact, the warning label suggests that it might be dangerous to use Rogaine other than on the head.

But as the article says, hair plays an important role in psychological well-being. Although I will likely never lose my hair (no one in my family has, even at close to 100 years old), I’m a bit gray here and there. If I decide to do a hair experiment, I will take a great picture, shave my head and then take a picture when I am finished.

Dare me?  I shaved my head once to gain intensity in preparing for a half marathon. One of my employees told me I looked like an awkward turtle…

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