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Tim vs Aging – Day 28 – Fasting – plus Will Immortality Lead to Overpopulation?

I’m on my fasting day today, not really too much problem with it, except the urge to munch out of habit. I still feel a bit crappy, but not as much as yesterday. This doesn’t interfere with work. I had about four meetings yesterday and two today that went unaffected by the minor aches and pain that make life worthwhile!

I realized that I skipped last night’s stretch, so I will try to get that in tonight. I don’t think it is a tragedy.
And as I sit here, I plot how I am going to change the fat that I used to assist in digesting resveratrol.

The pudding is just not that good.

I added up the numbers and I was thinking a nice eggnog will be good for that. A quarter-cup contains 5 grams of fat, versus the 3 grams for the pudding with only 25 more calories (125 total). So I whipped up a batch that should last a few days. It tastes great but it’s a bit lumpy (kind of gross – its resemblance to really old curdled milk…). I used the recipe where you cook it some, and some of the eggs cooked a bit the wrong way. Perhaps I can remedy that next time.

And as an added bonus, let’s talk about longevity and overpopulation. Some of us anti-aging folks are a bit ashamed at wanting to live so long because we have been told that it will lead to overpopulation on the planet. I am not of this belief, and even if it did I wouldn’t care. I want to live as long as I can (I have sh*t to do!). As does every non-demented human on Earth!

Do I want it for everyone?  Hmmm… wouldn’t be fair if I said I wanted it but not for the rest of the world. But I’ll admit that I am selfish and want it for me regardless of who else does not get it. I can remedy the unfairness later.

But here is an article refuting the overpopulation argument, from lifespan.io, which is well respected. According to the U.N., the rates of growth of the world population are tapering off. I.e. Earth’s population is growing but more slowly each year. They estimate that by 2100, populations will stabilize at about 11 billion.


Of course, this is largely horse manure, since we don’t have any idea how the world will change in that period of time. It could suddenly blast off because of some unanticipated psychological factor.

And on the other hand, I remember a book from my college days that said the Earth would have no problem supporting 50 billion people. And as a farm boy from Kentucky, I know that if the U.S. put its mind to it, we could very easily feed the entire world with the land we have and modern cultivation techniques (I know: “then why don’t we”…my answer is why should we? The rest of the world has to pull its weight…).

The point is that there is so much ambiguity in those numbers that the idea of “overpopulation” is only an idea, and we are not to that point. Plus I believe I have more to offer the world than anyone I might make room for.

And don’t talk about the U.S. which has a very low fertility rate. I won’t be concerned with longevity or overpopulation here until people start telling Niger (which has the highest fertility rate in the world) that 7 children per couple are too many!

Too harsh? Comment below.

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