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Tim vs Aging – Day 29 – Fasting is easy – plus Why Don’t People Exercise???

Got up this morning, not really hungry after 36 hours of not eating. I’m down 7.5 lbs total now.

Had a big lunch though, got the Bandeja Paisa at El Balcon de las Americas Restaurant, including Chicharrones, skirt steak, chorizo, rice, egg, beans and some Latin stuff I couldn’t identify. Couldn’t eat it all, but still it was over a thousand calories for the meal. Reeeaaally good though. Might have a short supper tonight (or not – I have yet to exceed my calorie budget in the project, am I due?)

I did try something new this morning. If you recall, resveratrol digests better and is about 5 times more effective if you have it with something fatty. Dr. Sinclair uses yogurt, but I don’t like yogurt (yuck!). I was trying pudding, but the Snackpacks, with 100 calories and 3 grams of fat, just were not good. The Jello pudding tastes better but has a lot less fat.

So yesterday, I actually made homemade eggnog. I add up the ingredients and with all of the stuff, for a quarter cup, it is 135 calories and 5 grams of fat. So I tried it this morning, it tastes good, perhaps a bit thick and a little lumpy. Definitely better than the pudding. Unfortunately, the large batch that I made is probably enough for two weeks, but I won’t trust it after about 5 days. I think a commercial version might be more viable. Hope I don’t have to wait until Christmas!

There was a thread in the Facebook groups: With all of the benefits of exercise, why don’t more people do it?

Here are some of the reasons cited. I’m paraphrasing and summarizing everything so that my pithy comments will be well supported. Ironically, exercise can cure a lot of the reasons. Other problems may need psychological adjustments (perhaps from a professional).

Stuck in a bad cycle, low self-esteem about training. — Yep, I can see this. Especially if you have tried and failed in the past.

Don’t know where to start — Sure there is a hump, but this is also a bit lazy and more likely to be an excuse so that you don’t have to admit one of these other reasons. Join YouFit (or any of the other ones for $20 per month), get some coaching from there.

Don’t have the energy to exercise. — The cure may be to exercise, then you will have more energy. Also, the question is whether it is physical or mental energy you are lacking. Exercise could help in either case.

Too much of the wrong types of exercise (this guy recommended not running marathons) — I agree that the wrong kinds of exercise can de-motivate you, but I don’t agree with this guy that some exercises are inherently bad. If you happen to enjoy running marathons, then you should do it, and I guarantee it will be good for you.

Momentum. It’s tough to start a new habit. — This is true, if you already have a busy life then exercise may be tough to squeeze in. You have to be motivated by the benefits to start, and then enjoy what you do. A problem I have is that some exercises (like with MMA workouts with Trisha) exhaust me for a couple of hours afterwards. So the commitment, instead of 3 hours per week is more like 8 hours.

Unfit adults lack the confidence to join a team. — Very true. I would love to be at the beach playing volleyball with all of the hotties. But I would not fit in and would not be welcomed by at least some. In some communities, physical activities are tough to find. I train MMA because it is an individualized sport that I enjoy, plus Trisha has no need to judge me since she knows she can kick my ass no matter how good or bad the shape I am in.

Of course, not everyone can afford a Trisha in their lives, but MMA schools are often not that expensive. As I recall, the basic gym membership (before Covid) at America Top Team, one of the most elite gyms, was still less than $200 per month for a whole lot of classes and access to equipment. Many are closer to $100/month.

When you’re chronically stressed, you don’t have time to do anything but deal with your stressors.— Yes, understood, and ironically exercise would help relieve the stress. But stress is a self-licking lollipop, if scheduling an exercise session gives you more stress then maybe it is self-defeating.

Exercise at a large size hurts — Yes it certainly can. If you can hire a professional trainer, at least for a few sessions, you may be able to find exercises that don’t hurt the next day (at least not too much). But don’t count on losing weight just through exercise. I’ve never been able to lose weight except by watching my diet.

I don’t like to exercise. “Feel free to judge me. I love dancing which engages all body parts, hiking, can walk continuously from 4 am till 8 pm, and climbing mountains, but I just hate doing some repeat movement series. Boring.” — I agree with this one hundred percent. If what you do is tedious, it will take a lot of willpower to continue it. I’ve always found the martial arts to be interesting, variable and useful to know. However, from my point of view, the problem with dancing, climbing mountains or other unstructured exercise is that they are inconsistent and hard to measure. I always want to know if I am making progress or falling behind. But that’s just me.

For all of this to work, you have to have faith that exercise is good for you, good enough that it makes your life better. My exercise regimen before the project was spotty. I believe the combination of faith that it works, knowledge of the science, the support of my readers and the desirability of the goals will help me develop a lifestyle where exercise is part.

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