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Tim vs Aging – Day 30 – Half Way There! Some Subjective Results

I am half way through the project now, let’s talk about how I am doing so far.

Some of these are subjective results since I don’t have all the measurements ready yet. I’ve been very consistent on the supplements, the workouts, that calorie budget, the skin cream, the hyperbaric chamber. In the past week, I have been less consistent on the stretches, but mostly because I was traveling.

I’ve lost about eight pounds, I suspect I will lose another ten before the end of the project. I think that will be very satisfactory (although I was hoping for 30, doesn’t matter because I will keep going after the project is over).

The workouts with Trisha have been going very well, I see a lot of improvement between her workouts and the weightlifting. I feel like I’m working stronger and faster on the heavy bag, working jump kicks into the mix. Plus I don’t feel quite as “corpse-ish” as I usually do. I’m close to maxing out the Cerbex machines (about 10% up from where I was), transitioning to free weights, but I think I will do it slowly. Stretching is actually helping a lot.

The skin cream is a bit of a crapshoot. There are two areas that I am keeping surveillance on, one appears to be improving slightly, the other doesn’t seem to have changed. After the project is over I may try some other mixtures and perhaps do a better job with before and after photos.

The results from the supplements and the hyperbaric chamber are unknown. I’ll be doing the completion tests in another 30 days. I still don’t have results from 3 of the 4 tests that I did at the beginning.

While the lack of hard numbers is a bit frustrating, I know I will eventually get them.  My mindset is slowly shifting to “lifestyle change”  versus a short burst of age reversal.

And at this point, I would like to thank my loyal readers for sticking with me. Hopefully the results will be useful all around.


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