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Tim vs Aging – Day 32 – All is Normal – plus Fish Oil, good or not?

A good day overall, supplements, hyperbaric chamber, stretching, skin cream on schedule, calories well under budget. My knee is just a bit better, ready for the MMA workout tomorrow. Not much else to report.

So let’s delve into the deep depths of fish oil. If you are an anti-aging fan, I’m sure you have heard advertisements for fish oil, it is the elixir of life in some people’s view. But are the effects real?

Here is a study that suggests that it is indeed!


The study pools 17 different studies to examine the relationship of fish oil to the risk of “all-cause” mortality. This is a highly technical report, I can only skim for the results.

The study finds a 15-18% lower risk of heart attack, cancer and other causes where LCn-3 PUFAs (the stuff added by fish oil) was highest, and that a little improvement in LCn-3 PUFAs provided a substantial lowering of risk. This was not found with the plant-based variety in this study. They also have a correlation with slower rates of telomere shortening (meaning you are aging more slowly).

I’m not particularly fond of this kind of work, since it does not include any biomarker data, it seems less specific in increasing longevity. There are also a lot of disclaimers to the work. In fact, it says, the high LCn-3 PUFA rates may be a symptom of a healthy lifestyle rather than the direct result of fish oil.

The results look promising, but I’m not adding fish oil to my supplement regimen just yet. I’ll do a bit more research and get back to you.

You may ask “Why not add fish oil to your supplements if it may work?”  I saw a video of the CEO of one of the supplement companies, who said that their very first attempt at an all-around supplement was to take about 30 different supplements with studies behind them and put them in one pill. Apparently, it was a disaster since the ingredients canceled each other out.  I don’t think I want to take so many supplements that I don’t know what the interactions might be.

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