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Tim vs Aging – Day 36 – Trisha Rained Out – Plus Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Felt a bit weak today, I’m blaming it on yesterday’s Covid shot. Apparently, it affects people differently, but I think the combination of the fast and the shot got me just a bit. But I was ready to go with Trisha’s MMA training, pushed it for all it was worth until a rainstorm came along and washed us out just after halfway  (darn it!). Everything else is on track.

I came across a research paper on Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, which has been around as a supplement for a very long time (I remember it being advertised on the old G. Gordon Liddy radio shows, back when he was broadcasting live). The gist of the paper is that HGH is good for older folks and is encouraged by a substance called Alpha-ketoglutarate (AKG). You can buy either on Amazon.

This is a very basic but informative video on HGH. You will note the importance attached to it, this is common in the supplement and anti-aging world for HGH. Note that HGH discourages the shortening of telomeres, which is one of the primary aging factors. Have a look:

But what does HGH do? Here is a video a bit more complex, but can still be understood by the savvy anti-ager:

Here is a link to the paper, it is impossible to read if you are not a researcher in the area, but you might pick a few bits out of it. We aim to please!


I’m not doing anything in the HGH realm yet, but it might be part of phase II. We shall see.


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