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Tim vs Aging – Day 37 – Saturday Downtime, Plus Do Eating Right and Exercise Help? Maybe Not…

I’m still feeling a bit weak (from the Covid shot), but doing very well, all is on track, supplements, stretching, HBOT. Fortunately, Saturday was a sleep-late day, spent the day watching reruns of Roadies (one of the best series ever, but it only lasted one season).

The good news is I’m down about 10 pounds now in 5 weeks. Even if all of the other objective measurements go bust, this has been a worthwhile effort.  I don’t know how this will affect my epigenetic age, but as I understand it, all of the supplements, plus the fasting are designed to improve those age markers.

Ran across this article on Lifespan.io (a well-respected publication), which talks about exercise and dieting in anti-aging.


To me, this is commonsense, that eating healthy and exercising do indeed help with aging. But I was a bit dismayed by the results:

“While the results were slightly mixed, and the majority of the participants showed no epigenetic benefit after being prescribed this regimen, methylation age was reduced by an average of nearly two years among the study group.”

OK, this means that most people in the study had no particular benefit. And the average of two years means that some had a lot of change.

We know Dr. Sinclair from Harvard improved his biological age from 59 to 31 (current age about 52). We know that the supplement and other techniques have been shown to work. But according to this study, the patterns that we have been taught for the last 100 years are not really that good at reversing age.

Vegetables? Just say NO! Study shows that just eating right and mild exercise do not improve your biological age very much.

Wait until I reverse my age by 20 years like Dr. Sinclair did, without eating any of those nasty vegetables. I am going to rub it in the faces of my childhood doctor, all of those teachers and my mom (OK, probably not my mom…), that what they have been saying is just not that effective.

Too far?



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