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Tim vs. Aging

Tim vs Aging – Day 40 – MMA All the Way – Plus The Ultimate in Stem Cells for Anti-aging

Great session with Trisha, I am definitely improving in my cardio and strength. I’m working on getting my martial arts technique back. With the stretching, my kicks are a bit higher (though I can’t yet kick the top of a door jam like I used to – baby steps).

Trisha jokingly mentioned that I should do an amateur fight. I loved the idea (even jokingly) and am ambitious enough to set that as a far-out goal. But realistically I have a lot of work to do before anything like that could be even under consideration. Still…

I ran across some interviews and information about stem cell treatments and technologies that I found compelling. The following is a podcast from Dave Aspray, “The Father of Biohacking” who was interviewing Dr. Harry Adelson and Dr. Amy Killen from Docere Clinics.

Their process for anti-aging is exciting, they use mesenchymal stem cells, which according to their website, “upon encountering damaged tissue, they release proteins that decrease inflammation, kill invading microbes, and trigger the growth of new connective tissues and blood vessels.” These cells are taken from your own body, supplemented with exosomes and Wharton’s Jelly.

They then inject these cells into every joint – shoulders, elbow, hands, knees, feet, etc. This is a “whole body” treatment, and it takes 7-9 months for the full effect of the stem cells to manifest.

Cost for this service ranges up to about $30,000.

While this is exciting and I would like to eventually try something like this, I’m still a bit ambivalent. I’m not really seeing a great body of scientific data that shows definitive results. Plus I’m not really getting a vibe that there are standardized practices (i.e., the “Garbanzo” injection protocol, or the “Bazura” anti-aging effect). There are many stem cell clinics in the U.S. and overseas, do they more or less do things the same way? Or is each doctor kind of winging it? And where are the success case data for the hundreds and thousands that have had the procedures?  I NEED TO KNOW!

And one other fair warning. On their site, it says “While stem cell therapy shows promise in the rapidly growing body of scientific data, it has not been scientifically proven to be effective.”

So yes, I am very excited and I am absolutely sure there is a pony in there somewhere. But I think I will wait just a bit until later phases of my project before I wade into these deep waters.

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