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Tim vs Aging – Day 41 – In Between – Plus More about Fisetin – Myths?

Not much to report today on the anti-aging project, all requirements being met, pills, stretching, HBOT, etc.

I wanted to talk about Fisetin today since I’ve found some new data. I take a massive dose (3500 mg) once per week with wine (because it is more bioavailable with ethanol) and will continue through the rest of the project and then stop for a while. I’m actually overdoing it, since the recommendation is a dose on two consecutive days for two consecutive weeks (total 4 doses). It is not something you take daily.

Fisetin has been proven to encourage non-functioning senescent cells to die and flush from the system. It has been shown in mice studies to extend life by 20% or so. Since senescent cells do not reproduce, you only have to do this occasionally, I’m thinking every six months. The science in this aspect appears to be good.

I’ve come across this article from Selfhacked that I wanted to comment on. This is apparently written by two pharmacists.


It touts Fisetin as having beneficial effects on Diabetes, cancer, brain health, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and a whole lot of other health issues. One would think this is a miracle cure.

Frankly, I’m not buying it. Most of the claims and the references have little evidence behind them, and often only hearsay or theoretical benefits. The references are there, but I would expect a bit more discretion from professional pharmacists.

And this is what is wrong in the anti-aging field. There are so many supplements and so little actual field testing, so little scientific testing. While I believe Fisetin is useful in the way that I am using it, and have the studies to back them up to the degree that I need it. I would never recommend it to my friends or my audience for anything else. This appears to be more a sales pitch than an informative

This is why I’m doing the Tim vs. Aging Project — to test on myself and bring you the result (or the non-results), hopefully with objective data. The lesson is that if it is too good to be true, at least examine the research behind it.



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