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Tim vs Aging – Day 43 – No Trish today- Success on Poundage

Trish is out of town for a week, so I am without that intense training. She left me sad and exercise deprived because she is visiting her mother (who DOES that????).

Trisha Cicero, professional MMA fighter, and my trainer. Visiting her mother on mother’s day, a thin excuse for skipping my workouts!!

So I decided to revisit an old regime and see how I stack up against my former self. There is a trek that I have measured out through the backways, sidewalks and parks in the neighborhood that is just over 4 miles long. I did some (not very scientific) times of walking/running this trek about 18 months ago. Before taking NMN I averaged about 56 minutes. After It came down to under 50 minutes.

This time I felt very good and finished in 48 minutes. This is not bad, considering that I had not run this trek in more than 18 months. And this is a tribute to the intensity of Trisha’s workouts.

Unfortunately, there are side effects, well known to me and entirely expected. My legs ached fiercely. It will be worse tomorrow.

And I am pleased to report that my official weight loss for the project to this point is 11.1 pounds. This is about 1.8 pounds per week. I was hoping for 2 pounds per week, fearing only one pound per week. To me, this is an excellent result.

I am not suffering. I mentioned a few weeks ago that the goal is no longer just a short-term project, but rather an effort to adjust my lifestyle to one that puts me on an age-reversing trajectory. I’m getting close, I think.

I do want to extend the project at least another 4 months, hopefully continuing on the weight loss path. And even then it will not be over. Much will depend on the other aspects of the project and the results.  In my fantasy world where I fight UFC Champ Arlovsky, I would need to lose a lot of fat and gain a lot of muscle. Gotta shoot for the top!

I am attempting to be scientific and collect data on everything possible. But aside from my weight and my trek time, my data is a bit sparse. Still waiting for those epigenetic results.

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