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Tim vs Aging – Day 5 – A Strange Tangent

This was an off day for workouts only stretching included. I left the house without taking my supplements, so took them later.

The soreness from weight lifting is subsiding. The MMA workouts leave me with a kind of chest exhaustion the following day, but it is a relaxing kind of feeling, and little or no muscle pain from the workout.

And to go in a strange tangent, I’m comfortable enough in the hyberbaric chamber now that I sleep about 2/3 of the time. I am very impressed with the vivid dreams while inside. Today, it was three parts. The first was where my mind was just trying to scare me, the chamber was collapsing unexpectedly, shrinking fast and threatening to suffocate me, but then my engineer’s mind said, “bulls*^t, just zip up the zipper,” and it was over. I woke briefly, the chamber was fine. In the second, I got out of the chamber and found myself in a familiar rural Kentucky setting, walked around a bit trying to figure out where all my equipment went. The third one was most impressive, I got out of the chamber and found myself in a small town in the 1950s (by the clothes they were wearing). It was vivid, I could see faces. Knowing it was a dream I walked around for quite a while and tried to interact with the people…

Could I be… time traveling???? (cue dramatic music..). I’m still waiting for the dreams to lead me to a multi-gazillion dollar invention.

My diet is on track. I had 11 ounces of steak last night and still managed to keep under my limit. Wendy’s spicy chicken for lunch, probably not the best food, but I’m focused on quantity at this point.

I have not lost any weight yet, but I never lose weight the first week. If I don’t lose any after tomorrow’s fast, I might reconsider my calorie limit.

By the way, there was some discussion in the groups about inhibiting CD38 using Apigenin (i.e. my homemade parsley pills). The goal is to inhibit the enzyme CD38 because it slows down the creation of NAD+ which is instrumental in creating healthy cells. But you don’t want to completely stop CD38 because it is there for a reason and has some beneficial properties for immunity.

A new study was discussed, (youtube.com/watch?v=bPKfEyCkuzU) but it was noted that the results were misleading in this respect since the circumstances involved a more specific and complete suppression of CD38, which we know is bad. In other words, my theories and the path I’ve chosen, still seem optimum to me. Here is a bit more information. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5935140/


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