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Tim vs Aging – Day 54 – MMA Workout, Plus Levine’s Phenotypic Age Indicator

Had a fine workout with Trisha, seems my jab is getting stiffer and my cardio is improving. I set a new record for “plank” (that godawful exercise where you rest on your elbows and toes, with your back straight in between). Having lost a few pounds probably helps.

To give some alternatives, while I have been using the Horvath test as an indicator of age, here is something called the Levine Phenotypic Age, which apparently has a .94 correlation with biological age.

Levine’s Phenotypic Age

The biomarkers shown in this test are apparently the normal ones that you get with your checkup tests. The video below “Optimizing Biological Age – Dr. Michael Lustgarten” is far in advance of my humble test, a gentleman who has been “biohacking” for over a decade. He claims that by adjusting his lifestyle and diet he has been able to reduce his biological age to about 32 years, 15 years younger than his chronological age of 47.

This is a long video, he goes through the criteria, his own results and the methodology he uses. Its complexity is reasonably high, but he makes it accessible to us amateurs.

One quick note, everything about this is “correlation” and as you undoubtedly know, correlation does not guarantee cause and effect. While Dr. Lustgarden may be very healthy (as he appears to be), there is no guarantee that changing the levels will make you live longer.

From my standpoint, I am much more interested in age reversal from a cellular standpoint, and those methods that reverse cellular deterioration. Rather than struggle to keep my diet on track, I want the restoration of my younger self.  The tests that I have read (again about those brave mice) contrary to mere correlation, have actually indicated a longer lifespan based on the supplements themselves.

But then again, the goal is to live as long as possible, so I’ll want to explore this method a bit. I may very well ask my doctor for the levels in the tests (or find some other way to get them). If there are some easy ways to make improvements in these levels I may try them out in Phase II or Phase III of the Tim vs. Aging Project.

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