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Tim vs Aging – Day 59 – Weight Training, plus What Is HIIT and What Does It Do?

If you recall, two weeks ago, I was unceremoniously booted from Youfit for not having a mask. Today it was no problem, and only about half of the people were wearing masks (the emergency has been declared over in Florida, so now people are just propagating the terror of Covid for no reason…). I did a rather quick three circuits on the Cybex machines, did my stretching in between and included some short planks.

I’m not sure when yet, but I need to develop a free weight workout. The Cybex machines are fast and complete but they are stabilized and they isolate particular muscles. Free weights make you stabilize yourself, and require those supporting muscles contribute to the lift. To me (and I could be full of stink…) that means that you are stronger and more coordinated in the real world where you have to use these muscles.

Former MMA Champ Andre Arlosvky. My nemesis…

After all, my nemesis MMA Champ Arlovsky will not be defeated by pretty muscles, those muscles have to be strong, coordinated and properly reflexed!

HIE is high intensity, MOD is moderate intensity, CON is the control group. You can see a substantial improvement in the HIE group.

The exercise portion of the project consists of Weight Training and MMA Training with Trisha. Trisha’s program falls into the category of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Not that she advertises it that way, HIIT is definitely a step down from MMA training when you are impressing friends and strangers. But HIIT just means that you push all out for a period of time and then you slow down a bit, then rinse and repeat. The key is that high intensity should be HIGH INTENSITY!


This kicks in hormesis and autophagy very nicely giving you a number of great benefits described in previous articles. Your body gets better because it is responding to stress. But this research paper illustrates another very key factor. HIIT increases your output of Growth Hormone (GH) by a factor of 12! Growth Hormone is key in immunity and the regeneration of your body’s repair services, a primary anti-aging factor. We lose GH as we get older, so getting some back is certainly a bonus!

High intensity is a relative thing. You may not be able to kick a heavy bag or sprint a quarter mile, but whatever gets you sweating and breathing hard will be sufficient. But always try your best, cheating will not keep you young.


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