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Tim vs Aging – Day 6 – Fasting

I’m not really sure how to label this. I am basically skipping all meals for a day which to me means 24 hours of fasting. But in actual fact, it will be about 36 hours between Wednesday’s dinner and Friday’s morning snack. Theoretically, I could start eating Thursday night and call it a 24 hour fast. But I’m not really looking for a fasting trophy, I want the effect of a full fast.

I may regret that.

So lasting through the day was not as much of a problem as I thought, and my work output did not seem to suffer. I usually skip breakfast and eat lunch at noon, but often I go until 2 pm without lunch. I started feeling peckish around 4 pm, but there seemed to be no doubt that I could finish it out.

I was very tired throughout the day, it was as if I hadn’t slept well the night before. Occasionally I felt a bit weak, and I went to be around 10 pm instead of my usual 11 pm or 12 pm.

Not really a lot more to tell. I drank a lot of water. I had no exercises scheduled for today. I took the supplements and did the white tea cream. That’s it.

And to continue an irrelevant sequence, I had no vivid dreams in the hyperbaric chamber today. I was very disappointed. Perhaps the dreams were due to the newness of the environment, rather than the effects of the hyperbaric chamber.

Want to see how I am doing? Here is a video:




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