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Tim vs Aging – Day 60 – Phase I Complete! Here are the Preliminary Results

It’s over!

Phase I is complete, so now I can report some of the results. I have submitted the epigenetic and telomere tests, and won’t see those for a few weeks, so that will have to wait (unfortunately probably mid-July). But I see substantial results that I can report right now.


The total weight lost is officially 14.3 pounds. This is the equivalent of about 1.7 pounds per week. I’m very happy with this result.

This is certainly brought about by the combination of strict calorie count, the day of fasting and the added workouts. I think the combination of the three was necessary. The supplements probably helped as well but I have no direct cause and effect. The argument that they helped will be much stronger when I get the results from the epigenetic tests, and of course the results of my next doctors checkup in about 45 days.


This was a very good result. My MMA workouts are very seriously enhanced. The point of any of these exercises is to push yourself, so all out for as long as you can and fade when you have to. Where a three minute round usually faded in the last minute or half minute (depending on which round it is in the workout), I’m now pushing it and still going strong at the end of each round.

Additionally, at the end of the workout I usually hold a “plank” for as long as I can, shooting for a minute. A plank is holding yourself on your elbows and toes with your back straight. Before the project I struggled to make a minute, it was very unpleasant. My last workout, I did two minutes and did not suffer nearly as much.

I mentioned in previous articles that I repeated my 4-mile trek at 48 minutes. Having not done it for about 18 months, meeting my best time without specific training is hugely important.

Why did I get these results? Losing weight certainly helps, the added workouts probably as well. I certainly would not have these results without the weight loss. But what were the contributors to that? I’m thinking the fasting and supplements helped, but I can’t make a cause and effect link. The argument that they helped will be much stronger when I get the results from the epigenetic tests, and of course the results of my next doctors checkup in about 45 days.

Weight Training

I have maxed out the Cybex weight machines, which I could not do when the project started. Obviously a contributing factor is weight training itself. The two MMA training sessions per week clearly contributed to this. Other factors? I’ll comment on that when I get the epigenetic effects.


The initial purpose of stretching was strictly from the theoretical perspective that if I am reversing my age, I have to work my body to take advantage of it. I’ve covered this topic in a few of the articles.

However, my stretching sessions have been enormously and obviously successful from my current subjective viewpoint. Where I was unable to touch my toes in a certain stretching exercise, I can now touch them and curl under a bit. In a second exercise where I could barely touch my toes, I can now grab the bottoms of my feet.

Stretching has been of considerable value to my MMA workouts. Where I could kick about waist level before, I can now kick to shoulder or chin level with my roundhouse kick. Part of the art of Tae Kwon Do is to keep your knee high when you are kicking. I’m starting to regain some of the technique for the other kicks.

Stretching has also relieved a lot of potential pain from weight lifting and tougher MMA workouts. My range of movement is wider, smoother and easier. I recommend adding a stretching routine to any anti-aging program.


I have to conclude that the white tea skin cream has been successful. It is tough to tell quantitatively, but I can see from the before and after pictures that some of the wrinkles have receded slightly. It doesn’t show as much in the photos but it appears that the skin is a bit thicker.  There is a certain amount of mottling that I didn’t notice before, but then again that is not something I would have paid attention to, and my “before” documentation is less than pristine.

I’m convinced that my hands look younger.  I was also treating a spot on my leg that had tiny wrinkles and it looks like those wrinkles are larger and fewer (which is good, means the skin has thickened).  I won’t really be able to tell if my face is improving (although I am treating my face).  As I lose weight my face will change more rapidly than the skin cream can compensate.


I did complete the regimen in the hyperbaric chamber. However, I won’t really know anything on this until I get the second telomere test from lifelength.us. I will only repeat this process if I do indeed show longer telomeres on the test. Otherwise what would be the point? More on this soon.


Surprisingly, the suffering has been much less than I expected. I am sufficiently happy that I can continue what I am doing, and keep my lifestyle modified to include what has worked so far.

I realized a couple of weeks into the project that without a lifestyle adjustment, I would quickly lose any benefits that I had gained. There will be a Phase II and probably a Phase III.



I had to modify my supplements article https://longlifeandhealth.org/tim-vs-aging-t-minus-7-days-the-supplements/ because I found that I had misread the labels on NMN and Reservatrol. It turns out that my levels were more like 450mg and 80mg per day rather than the 900mg and 1000mg that I thought. But then again, I mentioned from the start that I had no idea what levels were appropriate, so I kept these levels through the end of the project. In Phase II, I will adjust the levels and see if the results change.

My caution here is that even when you do the research, you still have to read the fine print. I had no idea that Resveratrol “powder” was only 8% actual resveratrol. Live and learn…


This certainly added some excitement to the project, but I’m thinking it interfered with my sleep somewhat. Speaking with Trisha about this, she recommended that I wear a Whoop (a watchlike thing that monitors your body functions) to see how much REM sleep I am getting.


Both of my knees occasionally swell and get stiff if I walk or run a long way (e.g. the 4 mile trek I occasionally do). But my left knee tends to ache, swell slight and get stiffer. While before the project this happened reasonably frequently (because I was not a total couch potato before this), it is now a constant issue. It’s not that it especially hurts, and it does not interfere with the workout. But it generates some paranoia that I might be breaking something. At my next checkup, I will ask my doctor to check it, to see if anything is torn or damaged. If not, if it is only inflammation I will attempt to cure it using the anti-inflammatory methods I am familiar with.

I know that inflammation is one of the key factors of aging that have to be worked on. Several of the regimens focus on countering inflammation so I will try these and report the results


Much anticipated fight? Well, maybe not yet. But I’m getting closer every day, and Creatine could work for me!

Am I ready to fight former UFC Champion Andre Arlovsky?

I have to say I am not there yet. But I am determined,  Check back with me after Phase II!

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