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Tim vs. Aging

Tim vs. Aging – T minus 9 days – The Framework

I’m doing it! I’m going to reverse my age by 10 years, starting 9 days from now.  Stop laughing, I’m serious!!!!

After a few years of monitoring the anti-aging industry, watching youtube videos and trying to separate hearsay from actual studies, I’ve settled on a 60-day plan to test all of this crap and actually see if it works.

For these 9 days before launch, I will write about the various components of the project I have put together. Thereafter I will write an article daily. There may or may not be before and after pictures (I will have them but you may not see them, especially if I crash and burn…).

Tim at the gym. Note how the black clothing hides some of life's excesses!
Tim at the gym. Note how the black clothing hides some of life’s excesses!

My goal is to reduce my biological age by at least 10 years (I’m 59). This goal is pretty random since I have no idea whether it will work at all. But if I reach that, I can gloat, cheer and generally throw this in people’s faces. I might even do that with a mere 7 years – we will see.

I will also likely lose at least 20 pounds. Diet is a huge part of the program as I’ve laid it out and data shows that caloric restriction and fasting (I will fast one day per week) are very good for cellular age reversal.

But I believe I will look better as well at the lighter weight, and intend to do a few aesthetic processes. (Query: Should I die my hair? Or is that just beyond the pale?  Hmmm…)

How will I know if I am successful? I’m an engineer by training so I have a deep yearning to collect data. The literature points to the Horvath criteria and epigenetics testing to determine my ACTUAL biological age. This is a breakthrough in anti-aging science since the previous way to determine the results of anti-aging was to wait for your subjects to die (hoping that you don’t die before you can publish). I’ll use several of these since I have no idea which ones are best. My choices are solely based on price and the quality of their advertising copy at this point, but I hope to get beyond that a bit.

So here are the project components for 60 days:

  • Diet – Keep at or under 2400 calories per day, no Dr. Pepper (you can’t even fathom the sacrifice there…)
  • Fasting – One day per week, only water. Possibly a 3 day fast in the middle, but if I do that I might die, so we’ll see…
  • Supplements – A range of supplements, each of which has successful studies behind it, focused on cellular health.
  • Skin cream – White Tea cream, subject of studies that claim it is a major success.
  • High Intensity Workout – My trainer is Trisha Cicero, a professional MMA fighter (go ahead, look her up, she is fantastic!), twice a week.
  • Weight training – Legs, arms, back – intense workout once per week.
  • Stretching – 4 times per week, 30 minutes per session.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber, 90% Oxygen – 90 minutes per day – The 60-day length is geared around a particular study using the hyperbaric chamber that should lengthen telomeres. More on that later.


Trish Cicero, Professional MMA fighter. Don't F*k with her...
Trish Cicero, Professional MMA fighter. Don’t F*k with her…

This is it for 60 days. In the days leading up, I will do a complete article about the major portions of the test, including formulas and such as best I can do. I’ve left very little to hearsay or preference, and all scientific studies will be linked. It is important that I document this ahead of time since that is key in making it repeatable and falsifiable for other folks.

What are the risk factors? Certainly nothing I am doing is dangerous, I’ve checked the history of each supplement and method.

But it will be exceedingly difficult. While I am capable of discipline, I seem to lack it when it comes to dieting and maintaining an exercise regimen. One of the reasons to keep the diary and publishing articles is to hold my own feet to the fire and finish the program. And I WILL finish it

Since I am indeed attempting to be scientific, one of my colleagues, Marley M. will be writing this up as a case study and submitting it to a peer reviewed journal. Believe it or not, the data on PEOPLE trying anti-aging techniques in a scientific way is surprisingly limited (although hordes of mice have given their lives in this cause).

Oh, and one last motivation. A final goal that I MUST achieve at the end of this:

Former UFC champ Andre Arlovsky.
Former UFC champ Andre Arlovsky. When it is time, I’m calling him out!

I’m calling out Andre Arlovski. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion, and still active, but if I can lose 10 years and get in shape I want to get into the octagon with him.  I’ve seen some weaknesses in his game (no, I’m not telling you…), I think I can whoop him.

Any thoughts?







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