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Tim vs. Aging – T minus 6 days – High Intensity Workouts

Studies suggest that high intensity exercise has a great effect on biological age. This an effect of hormesis, putting the body in a state of deficiency and stress and having the body respond by rebuilding and reinforcing.

  • The schedule is pretty basic.
  • Tuesday – Trisha
  • Friday  – Trisha
  • Sunday – Weights.

Stretching -30 minutes each, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Note that the reference to “Trisha” seems a bit tame, you likely have never associated such a sweet normal moniker with intense, bone-crushing, exercise after which you spend the next 2 hours in “full corpse mode.”

Professional MMA Fighter Trisha Cicero, best personal trainer in South Florida
Professional MMA Fighter Trisha Cicero, best personal trainer in South Florida

But “Trisha” in this case is professional MMA fighter Trisha Cicero, who (between fights) is one of the best personal trainers in South Florida. We do rounds of boxing and MMA, interspersed with strength and balance exercises, specifically designed to cause me great but temporary discomfort (I recently met her husband, and told him his wife is a bit of a sadist – he did not deny it…).

I’ve been doing workouts with Trisha for about 18 months now, 2 per week at the start, but slowing to one per week since covid.

I say “best” because her workouts take me to exhaustion (that’s FULL corpse mode), but I never have the soreness I might have after an intense weight training session or the four-mile walk/run that I have occasionally done. Her skill in designing a customized program is excellent in that respect, no muscle strain, no joint damage, in an all-out session.

Trisha Cicero, don't get on her bad side!
Trisha Cicero, don’t get on her bad side!

The result is intensive training with quick and complete recovery.  Otherwise, it would be difficult to do execute my project with two of those sessions plus a weight session (which will certainly cause soreness) per week.  I would be constantly sore. Attempting this regimen together with the strict diet and fasting would be tremendously difficult.

And of course, outside of the fighting cage, Trisha is a sweetheart who happily chatters about the latest MMA fights and life in general during our training sessions. I often wonder if she expects me to respond, given that I’m usually breathing so hard that what comes out when I try to talk cannot be considered English.  But she is very understanding.

Along the way, I will include some short videos of excerpts of Trisha’s training in some of the articles to come.  Depending on your own level of fitness you may believe it intense or not.

But I believe “intense” is relative to the person. Whatever your current biological age, the point is to drive your body into doing things it is not used to doing. Not to “break” but to “breakdown and improve” from where you are now.

The goal, from my perspective, is to take hormesis to a greater range by cycling myself from oxygen starvation in these workouts to concentrated oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber.  I had thought about going right from a workout to the chamber.

But then it seemed to me that I would be working at cross purposes, curing the oxygen starvation and not giving my body the chance to react hormetically (yes, that is a word, I looked it up….). I’m thinking that the extreme cycling should provide for a more dramatic and (hopefully) beneficial effect.

Kind of like when GSP begins his weight-cutting week by drinking too much water so that his body believes he has plenty. This apparently makes his body more willing to give it up later in the week. He loses about 20 pounds this way in just a few days.  https://tim.blog/2013/05/06/how-to-cut-weight-ufc/

Besides increasing my training sessions with Trisha from one to two per week, I’m adding heavy weight training sessions for back, legs and arms.  Weight training actually tears muscle, requiring the muscle to recover and rebuild, literally the definition of hormesis.

Stretching does very much the same thing. You are trying to change the shape of the muscles, trying to lengthen them. Together with the weight lifting and some hormetic effects, plus the other measures during the project, the muscles should be stronger and more flexible, the opposite of the aging process.

The rest of the project is designed to reverse age and create the potential for a younger body. I don’t think that younger body will appear by magic, even with an increased potential.

I will likely take the Fisetin dose, either later in the day or the day after the weight training, it makes sense to me to dump the senescent cells shortly after you create them in the weight training session. But this is just a theory on my part. Comments?

Some research to peruse:




Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andre Arlovsky. It is my goal to defeat him in the octagon.

And of course, the expert assistance and training surely spells doom for former UFC Champ Arlovsky, who will never be able to withstand a match against me. Never in a million years!


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