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Evidence That Meditation Reduces Stress

At some point in your life, stress will affect you.

When it does, it leads to the production of hormones that causes changes in your bodily functions – reducing some and enhancing others. Over short periods, there is no damage, but long-term stress can produce health problems that will shorten your life. Reducing stress can increase your longevity – and meditation may be the key you need to have a less stressful life.

Much research has recently gone into studying meditation’s ability to reduce stress. Mayo Clinic reveals that prayer is the most common form of meditation. Spiritual meditation can help you reduce stress by reading sacred texts or poems, and listening to religious music.

These studies have provided evidence that meditation reduces stress – and regular meditation can help you gain better health. Daily meditation produces even better results.

Increases Your Immunity

When conducted regularly, meditation can increase your immune system. A noticeable difference occurs because it raises the number of antibodies you have in your bloodstream, which will help prevent diseases from becoming deadly. 

A normal part of aging is that it causes a weakening of the immune system, which allows various diseases to develop. It is these diseases that usually produce fatal conditions. Preventing them from developing earlier in life by having a stronger immune system will help you prolong longevity. 

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation is another problem that normally increases as you get older. It is behind the development of over 100 diseases. Meditation can reduce inflammation by helping control a gene known to activate the production of a protein that increases inflammation. 

Rebuilds Telomeres

Each of your chromosomes has ends that get shorter as you age. The ends are called telomere. The shorter they become, the more likely you are to get some chronic disease. Meditation produces more of the enzymes that help to lengthen your telomeres, which will help you age healthier.

Decreases Anxiety

Many people fight with thoughts that produce stress. They can be very distracting and may even become disabling if steps are not taken to help them realize that there is often little benefit to focusing on those issues. Mindful meditation can help them cope with anxiety. As techniques are learned to identify and control such thoughts, it will help reduce their worries, enable better sleep, and help them to be irritated less easily. 

Increases Creative Abilities

If you run into a lull of creative ideas, taking time for a 10-minute meditation can give you a boost. It will help you eliminate thoughts that prevent creativity and help you focus with new clarity. You will also be able to find solutions to problems easier, and it will help you avoid making quick and potentially bad decisions. 

When your mind is clear of troublesome thoughts and you are calm, it enables you to focus better. This relaxed state of mind will help you become happier – enabling you to increase productivity. If needed, you will be able to multitask better, too. 

Strengthen Your Relationships

Daily meditation enables you to be more aware of what is happening at the moment. You will understand your emotions better – and the other person’s, which helps enable you to be more fully focused and positively interact with others.

 You can learn meditation from many online sources and start reducing your stress quickly. Practicing it daily – or almost every day – may increase your longevity and help you enjoy life more. 

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