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Tim vs Aging – Day 20 – Torture, but not too bad – plus a Cult progeny that is Good For You!

Since I’m traveling tomorrow, I moved my workout with Trisha to today. I felt surprisingly chipper given the previous day’s fast. Last week, I felt like my workout was lacking because I felt a bit sluggish. This week was better. Really not much to report.

Talking about my old business coach in previous articles reminded me of a particular course she advised me to take.

The Landmark Forum.

The Landmark Forum is offered over a long weekend, costs varied but it is now in the $600-$800 range. She would not tell me anything about it except to advise me to get to the microphone and say something as soon as possible.

In retrospect, this was excellent advice, since participation means “buy-in” which substantially increases your focus.

You can look up the Landmark Forum, it is the great-grandson of EST, which stands for Erhard Seminars Training. These were the folks back in the 1960s who thought that primal screaming was somehow good for you. EST was a prototype cult of the era.

But the Landmark Forum is different. In fact, it is amazing.

It is held in a large room and several hundred people are in attendance. You sit in a chair for most of the weekend and you listen to what is mostly a monologue and occasionally you get up to speak or do exercises that they tell you. You might think this would be boring or tedious, but somehow it is not. You are in rapt attention.

I really don’t remember the monologue except for one part. The lady who was leading this made the comment that you really should not worry about having a “simultaneous orgasm” with your partner. That’s like having two slot machines sitting next to each other, expect them to hit a million dollars at the same time. Just enjoy yourself!

They have you do some “regression” exercise, to help find where your tensions lie. I would have to record and study it to figure out what the techniques are, except for some really minor instances I couldn’t tell you what they are up to.

And the results are real and substantial. I consider this to have been a life changing event.

After the Forum, I actually felt lighter. It was as if a great many mental burdens had been lifted. My focus and perspective were changed – permanently.  Nothing sinister here, I just realized that certain baggage didn’t need to hold me up. And I am not the only one, there were dozens of people ACTUALLY DANCING in the parking lot thereafter.

My coach said that she could have done similar things through her methods but it would have taken months, and this was just the quicker way to get there.

Yes, they did try to coax me into bringing my friends, and yes they did try to upsell me to the master course and the courses thereafter (apparently you can spend a lifetime really getting into this!). But my coach warned me about it ahead of time and said that for our purposes the first course was enough. So I took my life changing results and ran.

If you can spare the money and a weekend, I advise anybody to try this. But apparently, it has less effect the second time, so no need to get caught up in it, unless you really want to (which is fine…). And I will give you the same advice as my business coach did: Get to the microphone as early in the Forum as you can.

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