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Tim vs Aging – Day 34 – On Track – Plus my Theory on Foot Massages

I’m still on track with all facets of my project so I won’t bore you with the details.

I did indeed make a new batch of eggnog, this time with fewer lumps and slightly less nutmeg than the overdose I gave it last time. It is pretty well perfect. I take it with my supplements in the morning and it is supposed to make Resveratrol digest better and be five times more potent. Theoretically, I could just take them after lunch since my lunch usually has a certain amount of fat, but I’m not sure if it is the same. We will try the eggnog for a while.

Let’s talk more about the fabled foot massage that you can get in my area. I had one tonight, enjoyed it immensely. But I think it also contributes positively to the project and its goals.

My theory is that even though your cells may be reversing in age, it doesn’t mean that all of your parts will revert back to their original state. As I mentioned before, two thirty year olds may have the same potential for being healthy and youthful, but one may be overweight or spend too much time in the sun and not look as youthful as the other.  Or perhaps one will look like Trisha before a fight, perfectly “cut” in her musculature, and the other flabby and out of shape.  You may have the potential to be younger but…


While you may not be sweating during a massage, if you have a good masseuse she is working your muscles and pushing them places where you wouldn’t normally use them. This means that senescent cells that may have become lodged in sedentary nooks and crannies will be prodded and possibly be moved to where your other supplements can work to remove them.

As I mentioned before, my masseuse uses a stick or other tool of some kind to press deep into the bottoms of my feet. It hurts just a bit but I feel like she is pushing in places that have not been pushed before and sedentary muscles are shaking lose those senescent cells! Of course, this is speculation on my part, and I could be full of crap.

But I am quite sure massage is good for my health project, along with the stretching, weightlifting and MMA workouts. Any anti-aging program without exercise is doomed to failure.

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