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Tim vs Aging – Day 47 – Minor Project Breakdown – What Can I Do About It?

Most of the health and/or weight loss programs I have tried have faltered on occasion. I try to make excuses but these are always at least partially breakdowns on my part. Today I did not do my MMA workout. Trisha is out of town, but I am perfectly capable of doing an intense workout. But the social pressure of meeting her was not there. My calves are still hurting some, and my knee could use the rest. So I decided to skip it.

Missing a workout is not a Greek Tragedy. Steel yourself up and keep going!

This is not a Greek tragedy, the project is not doomed to failure. The key is to pick this up again and not lose ground on the gains that I have already made.

The biggest problem that I see is that since this project is an adjustment as to lifestyle and not just a 60-day project, skipping parts and mental lapses may in fact become a habit.

I know myself well enough that I can easily slip into shoddy habits where significant parts of my plans slip. I know that individually these minor lapses don’t matter – AS LONG AS I KEEP THE OVERALL PLAN GOING!

I need support. I need someone looking over my shoulder, someone to discuss it with. In the case of this project, I have you, my faithful readers, and I have Trisha, with whom I discuss the ongoings of the project. I find that discussions with Trisha are more fruitful if I set goals and have a framework so that she can follow along and ask about them during our sessions.

I have to keep in mind that HEALTH IS IMPORTANT! The weight loss is important, the goals for epigenetic age are important, the cosmetic improvements are important, and the scientific nature of the results is important.

And again, I need support. I believe most weight loss and health programs fail because the proper support mechanisms are not there. Success is a combination of human influence, motivation and methods that do not require an overabundance of suffering and pain.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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