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Brian Johnson: Eating Raw Meat, Liver, and Testicles Turned My Life Around

If you felt that a diet consisting of raw meat, liver, bone marrow, and testicles could add years to your life — would you eat it?

Apparently, a self-styled “caveman” says that at “over 40,” he is in the greatest shape of his life, and he has that exact diet to thank for it.

Sporting a lean and muscular body that would do a Marvel superhero justice, Brian Johnson – AKA “The Liver King” says this diet has “turned his life around.”

Johnson has been living in the wilderness, eating raw meat, and following a regimented “ancestral” lifestyle for over 20 years. He follows what he calls “9 Ancestral Tenets”, which include strict rules on eating, exercise, and sleeping.

His aim is to go back to the lifestyle we had centuries ago – living without modern-day comforts and eating simply. He regularly posts pictures and videos of himself digging into raw meat and is a firm believer in using all parts of an animal for optimum health.

Brian thought to be “in his 40s,” had a number of businesses, and was living “the American dream” until his sons began to get ill.

He told the NY Post, “The more my boys interacted with the modern world, the more severe and abundant their allergies became.

“Time outdoors led to hives. Even interaction with our family dogs sparked shortness of breath, puffy eyes, and runny noses. 

“The real wake-up call was when one of my sons stopped breathing. We were lucky. We made it to the hospital just in time.

“My wife and I were determined to confront the cause. Never to test our luck again. We did what all parents would do — we tried everything. And that’s where our journey began. 

“First, we eliminated all processed foods. We began to reintroduce the nutrition of our ancestors — seasonal fruits and vegetables, nose-to-tail animals, including the most nutrient-dense part of all — the liver. 

“Within just two weeks, we saw a radical change in our boys’ wellbeing. Our own too. Two decades later, I eat a pound of liver every single day.”

Specifically, on eating testicles, he said, “Social norms are… well… just that. If you want more, you have to become more, so stretch yourself, leave the comfort of the cave, do something drastically different (for the betterment of you and the betterment of humanity), and break new ground like a good evolutionary hunter does.”

Still, the FDA here in the states and the NHS in the UK, where Brian is from, strongly advise thoroughly cooking any meat you plan to eat to avoid illness.

These government organizations say there are many risks associated with eating raw meat, such as Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli – all of these are destroyed when meat is cooked properly.

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