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Five Ways to Make a Healthier Home

The environment plays a significant role in your health and well-being, including your home’s immediate surroundings! Are you living in a healthy house?

Here are five ways to ensure a healthier living space that can lead to better health and longevity!

  1. Control Air Quality 

You can make your home look more alive and help improve your indoor air quality with air-purifying plants. House plants like English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Peace Lilies, and many others actually remove the toxins from your home and filter the air by absorbing CO2 and releasing oxygen. They’re also proven to reduce stress and look pretty, so you can’t really lose.

  1. Declutter

Don’t wait for spring for a good “spring cleaning,” make an effort to declutter your home every season. The key to decluttering? Start small, go only one room at a time, and ask yourself these questions: (1) Do I truly need it?; (2) Do I truly adore it?; (3) Would I trade inner peace for this?

  1. Use less laundry detergent

Using too much laundry detergent isn’t just risking buildup and unnecessary wear on your washer and dryer; it can also increase the residue and buildup in your clothes, leading to skin irritation and damaging fabric faster. Using only what you need helps protect your belongings and your skin.

  1. Let in more light

Letting in more natural light can improve your living space and your health in several ways. Brightening your living space with natural light can positively influence your emotional state while also helping with your electric bill. If you’re concerned about privacy, utilize window treatments at night, but let the sunlight bring good cheer to your living spaces during the day.

  1. Change your bedding more regularly

While you sleep, your body sheds oils, cells, and elements you carry into your home, like pollen. Sheets should be washed once a week on the hottest water setting your fabric will tolerate (check tags for laundering directions on your sheets before washing).

Why not try some of these healthy home tips today? You’ll improve your environment for yourself, your family, and your guests!

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