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Is Herd Immunity Possible?

The world has recently seen a massive uptick in vaccination efforts as countries and businesses around the globe are attempting to force populations into taking the vaccine to achieve herd immunity. Many humans have bought into this narrative, listening to the fear mongering from the media and health organizations rather than actually attempting to understand the true science behind everything happening today with the coronavirus pandemic. Recent revelations have shown that the vaccine potency only lasts for months at a time, those vaccinated potentially still can become infected with and transmit the virus, and the vaccines themselves only serve to stop serious illness or hospitalization rather than to completely eradicate the virus from the population. Also recently revealed is that vaccination can potentially help create variants as unnatural immunity placed into a given human system provides a playground for viruses to learn new methods of growth. With all of this together, why are so many groups of modern society trying so hard to get everyone vaccinated if the science shows that it will not get rid of the virus?

With all of that in mind, today a lead scientist who helped develop one of the vaccines came out to speak about his opinion on the future of the virus.

Professor Andrew Pollard, the Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group who helped develop the Astrazeneca vaccine, spoke with the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Tuesday. Here he said that, “I think we are in a situation here with this current variant where herd immunity is not a possibility because it still infects vaccinated individuals… even more of a reason not to be making a vaccine program around herd immunity.”

This comes directly from the mouth of one of the people involved in the creation of a vaccine. He went on to say that nothing can stop the spread of the virus and that variants will continue to emerge regardless of anything that humans choose to do.

He continued to say that, “And if anything we need to focus now not on what might stop new variants because I don’t think we have any facility to control that. We need to focus on thinking about how do we prevent people dying or going to the hospital.”

Maybe the answer is not in vaccinating everyone from a virus that will continue to get around the temporary medication, but in encouraging people to choose to become healthy by their own will. That means getting exercise, eating healthy, getting direct sunlight and doing things that will boost the individual’s personal immune system. For those who cannot do that or for those who have pre existing conditions, those are the ones who should have the free choice of continually taking vaccines to help prevent hospitalizations.

Pollard believes that the virus will inevitably become seasonal, much like previous flu viruses. He told the BBC that, “I think it is a pretty distant prospect and we need to get used to the concept that this will become what we call an endemic disease rather than a pandemic disease. A disease that is with us all the time – probably transmits seasonally a bit like influenza where we see winter outbreaks.”

So is this something that we will just have to learn to live with? We never required masks, shut down businesses, or mandated vaccines for the flu virus, but every year in the past we had huge numbers of cases and even deaths from that virus before. Is the covid virus something that will become more like the flu virus before? And if so, with all of this new understanding, will we choose to change our direction? Health mandates and vaccine passports seem to be the new normal in many places around the world, and ever more so becoming the case here in the United States. But if scientists who helped create the vaccine understand that this will be with us regardless, what is the point of all these requirements if not merely a power grab over the freedom of the people?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am happy that there are vaccines available for those who believe that they need it to stay healthy. But I am for the freedom of choice, and with all the recent revelations about the virus, I will also continue to ask why we are not talking more about personal health and personal responsibility? I will also continue to question all of these mandates, which are increasingly seeming to be efforts that have no true scientific backing. I also still wonder why we aren’t showing more concern around the world about the origin of the virus. I still question if this was an accident on purpose from China, with the truths of the matter being censored by those who wish to see a communist planet and those who wish to see a world without freedom.

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