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Mainstream Docs Attack Study that Shows Dangers of COVID Vaccines!

Mainstream doctors and other “health officials” have attacked a scientific study by the Florida Surgeon General, a respected Doctor of Internal Medicine, for his findings that show an increased risk of cancer from mRNA vaccines like the COVID jab.

Dr. Joseph Ladapo stirred serious controversy when he released an analysis of state death and vaccine records that showed young men experienced an 84% increased risk of cardiac death within four weeks of receiving an mRNA vaccine. 

He was immediately attacked by other “experts” for his findings. 

Eric Topol, director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute and one of America’s leading COVID “scholars,” condemned Dr. Ladapo’s study as “baseless, reckless, and irresponsible” because it seemingly contradicted the expert consensus that myocarditis caused by vaccines is “typically mild and fully resolves in nearly all affected.” 

The latter is probably true, but Dr. Ladapo’s study shows that some young men may experience severe effects. And it’s far from clear, as Dr. Ladapo notes, that the benefits of the mRNA vaccines for young, healthy men outweigh the risks.

This is a fair and important discussion to have, but the so-called experts don’t want to have it because they worry it will undermine their assertion that vaccines are indisputable for the public-health good.

Instead, they are denouncing Dr. Ladapo as “anti-science”—the same epithet they’ve used against critics of lockdowns, mask mandates, and climate policies.

But the very nature of science is to “question everything.”

Therefore, it is those who are attacking Dr. Ladapo who are actually being guilty of “anti-science.” Science, by its very nature, relies on challenging assumptions and debating evidence. People who refuse to do this shouldn’t call themselves scientists.

Keep in mind that those who call themselves scientists but question Ladapo’s methods, such as the editor in chief of Science, H. Holden Thorp, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention studies, including the ones that were used to support government vaccine and mask mandates, aren’t peer-reviewed by outside scientists, and the CDC’s underlying data have not been published for outside scientists to replicate.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Food and Drug Administration rules require that trial data for vaccines and drugs be made available to the public after their approval.

The FDA didn’t do so for the Covid-19 vaccines. Scientists seeking to replicate the safety and efficacy findings from Pfizer’s trial sued the agency to release the data.

A federal judge forced the FDA’s hand in January, but it still hasn’t released critical datasets.

Dr. Ladapo is being condemned by the public-health Pharisees for breaking cardinal commandments of science, which the government, drugmakers, and scientists who conform to the “consensus” violate all the time.


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Bobh November 1, 2022 at 9:31 am

When your DNA is modified your genetic structure is altered. Our body reacts to this alteration. It must react with the proven reactions we have used normally. However this new enemy is structural different so our body reacts differently! Cancer is one attempt. Cardiovascular change is another. These vaccines are very dangerous and the evidence is being suppressed. Over time the number of deaths related to these vaccines will increase dramatically!

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