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Tim vs Aging – Day 17 – No Weight Soreness, Gotta Have Pudding! – Develop Your Support System

I’m a bit surprised today that after a reasonably intense weight lifting workout yesterday, I’m really not sore. This is unusual for me. The last bout of weightlifting I tried (a few years back) I was sore most of the time for several weeks after I started the program. I think next week I will do my three rounds on the Cerbex circuit and then go to some free weight to test them out. I don’t necessarily want the soreness, but I want that measure of control, to get the soreness and then back off some.

Interesting video segment I saw today, the word from Dr. David Sinclair (the Harvard guru of anti-aging), that Resveratrol mixes much better with a fatty meal and you get 5-10 fold increased effect. Dr. Sinclair used yogurt, but I am not a yogurt guy. I may, however, do this with pudding. That would be great. Apparently Snack Pack has the same fat (3 grams) as yogurt, where Jello pudding only has 1 gram. I’m stopping by Walmart on the way home. It is only 100 calories from the calorie budget. Here is the podclip:


Developing a Support System

A while back, in what turned out to be a professional transition time for me, I worked with a business coach to kind of “up my game” and analyze my options and processes. One of the things she coached me on was how to build a support system.

If you are going to copy parts of the Tim vs. Aging project you will need a support system. What do I mean by that?

Workouts take time, recovery takes time. You should think about all of the things you do, and find people and organizations to help you with other things that take time. And you should have experts in your life that you trust who can help you make decisions where you are not an expert. The goal is not just to save time, but also to relieve yourself of worry and stress on pitifully unimportant things!

Here are two that you might consider.

Personal Finance – The basics, don’t spend more than you earn. Someone to rely on to help you with your finances is crucial. Find someone professional, pay them, it will be worth it in the long run, and it will take those worries off of your mind.

Cleaning House – If you are uncomfortable with the state your house is in, if it could be cleaner, find a cleaning service. Let them come in once per week or even once per month.

There are many more, I’ll continue this in the article tomorrow.

It is important.

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