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Top Six Ways that Vitamin D Can Improve Your Health!

It has long been known that vitamin D is an essential nutrient to support bone health and a strong immune system. But every day, researchers are finding more and more ways that vitamin D can improve your overall health and well-being.

Recently, vitamin D has been linked to preventing severe COVID symptoms and for boosting testosterone. Here are six other amazing ways that vitamin D can improve your health.

  1. Promotes muscle strength and function –  Sufficient vitamin D levels are crucial for maintaining healthy muscle mass throughout your lifespan and supporting the form and function of skeletal muscles. In insufficient vitamin D or deficient individuals, vitamin D supplementation has even been shown to improve muscle strength.
  2. Supports antioxidant activity and promotes longevity – Evidence from several studies indicate that individuals with sufficient vitamin D levels are more likely to experience healthy antioxidant balance, while those with deficient levels are more likely to see increased oxidative stress.
  3. Improves fertility and reproductive health – When it comes to reproductive health and fertility support, vitamin D is involved in everything from erectile function and sperm motility to conception and pregnancy. Vitamin is essential for both men and women who want to become parents.
  4. Improves teeth, gums, and oral health – If your dentist has not told you about vitamin D, he should! It turns out vitamin D plays a massive role in both tooth and overall oral health. This essential vitamin plays a part in maintaining strong tooth enamel, supporting the oral immune response, and promoting healthy gums.
  5. Helps optimize gut health – Many studies have shown how a balanced gut microbiome is essential for good health. Vitamin D provides amazing probiotic support, promoting a healthy GI tract and balanced gut microflora.

6. Supports mood and cognition – Vitamin D receptors are located throughout the brain and nervous system, indicating vitamin D is a key player in supporting nervous system function and brain health. Research suggests that vitamin D sufficiency promotes overall cognitive function, brain development, and even mood balance, and it may even help lower your risk of Alzheimer’s or other forms of senior dementia.

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