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Drink Up! Coffee May Add Years to Your Life

There have often been pros and cons to drinking coffee. 

However, a new study seems to suggest that the popular breakfast beverage or afternoon pick-me-up could have life-extending benefits.

A recent study published in the journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology suggests that a few cups of coffee a day may be linked to a longer lifespan and a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

“In this large, observational study, ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee were associated with equivalent reductions in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and death from cardiovascular disease or any cause,” said study author Professor Peter Kistler of the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia. “The results suggest that mild to moderate intake of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee should be considered part of a healthy lifestyle.” 

According to the researchers, all types of coffee were linked to a reduction in death from any cause. The greatest benefit appeared to be seen in those drinking 2-3 cups per day; drinking coffee was associated with a 27% reduction while abstinence was associated with a 14% reduction, and ground coffee and instant preparations were associated with an 11% lower likelihood of death.

“Caffeine is the most well-known constituent in coffee, but the beverage contains more than 100 biologically active components. It is likely that the non-caffeinated compounds were responsible for the positive relationships observed between coffee drinking, cardiovascular disease, and survival.

Our findings indicate that drinking modest amounts of coffee of all types should not be discouraged but can be enjoyed as a heart-healthy behavior,” said Professor Kistler.

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