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Tim vs. Aging

Launch in 1 Day – What I am NOT doing (And would like to!)

I’ve already mentioned the vegetables – I’m not eating them. Your comments will not phase me in the list, I have a palate and a stubborn streak that just will not yield.

Can Tim take a punch from former UFC Champ Arlovsky??

Seriously, there are several methods that I would like to try, but I can only control so many factors in my project as it stands. Plus I want to be fairly consistent about what I focus on, which is cellular health and scoring a minus ten years on the epigenetic age test (plus defeating Arlovsky in a cage match). I want to vet the methods in my project and perhaps do some follow on programs to see what the limits are. If I can reach Dr. Sinclair’s number (at chronological age 51 he has a biological age of 31), within a year, then I’ll be ecstatic.

1. Dilution of plasma, substituting saline and bitumen. This is utterly fascinating.

Did you know that the Dracula legend has some kernel of truth? Apparently circulating young blood through your system (you have to be interconnected as they did with the mice), then your aging characteristics go backward. At the expense, of course, of the younger being with whom you are interconnected who apparently ages more quickly.

Seriously, was the Dracula of legend actually onto something, drinking the blood of the young? Research says…

But according to this video, however, you don’t need to swap blood with someone younger, you don’t even need to insert younger plasma. The goal is to dilute the plasma because it has many poisonous artifacts in it that interfere with cell reproduction. By diluting it you have a lower concentration of these poisons, so there is less to interfere with cellular regeneration.


But it seems that to get this done, you need to go to another country. Costa Rica has such services, and the natives are friendly.  It costs several thousand dollars to do, and I am not sure how many times you would need to do it, nor how often.

But I would like to try!  Here is some research on it.









2. Stem Cells. Stem cells are widely considered the miracle of miracles for anti-aging, cellular reproduction and helping to heal injuries.

And you can go to Costa Rica for this as well. Again it costs several thousand dollars.

I don’t know much about stem cells, but I know that it is not as simple as just getting an injection. I don’t know which of the many kinds of stem cells will assist in anti-aging and how transportable they are from one person to the next. I don’t know if having a lot of stem cell treatments means that someone else is worse for it. I don’t know how long it takes for the stem cells to wear out and when you need more.

I guess I can call Costa Rica for the answers.  My Spanish isn’t half bad…









3. Skin treatments. I wouldn’t mind doing more research into skin treatments. I’m using only one for this project, and my skin, as it is, is certainly not beyond hope. I am not quite to the “ruggedly handsome” phase of my life just yet (though there could be a debate about the latter part of that phrase). But wouldn’t it be nice to make progress on someone a bit older whose skin actually reflects that old age wrinkling that women are deathly afraid of? (And before you call me sexist, remember that men get “rugged” and Danny Trejo can still get the girls!).

Danny Trejo, rugged face but still Hollywood handsome. In the eyes??

Some research to look at:






4. “Molecules”. There are probably a dozen different “molecules” that have shown promise but have not been tested to the point that the supplements in my project have. As they get that attention and prove themselves, who knows what the combinations will do.

And that, I believe, is the key. We have a lot of molecules that do the same or similar things.  We need to find the substances that complement and enhance each other.

Most of us know that if you drink alcohol and take heroin, the (deadly) effects are several times stronger than either by itself. It’s like taking legs off of a stool, if you take one leg, your stool is a bit unstable, if you take two legs then your stool fails catastrophically.  Depressive drugs are like this, they affect different parts of your constitution and together they cause catastrophic failures of certain body systems

We are looking for a similar effect but in a positive direction. The combination of supplements I am using is designed to enhance the building of NAD+.  I have two supplements that assist in providing the building blocks for NAD+, one that removes an inhibition to the construction of NAD+, and one that removes senescent cells that get in the way of the new cells that NAD+ is designed to replace.

Testing. I’m anxious to refine my use of the different tests and find out how precise they can be. Without a good grasp on this, repeatable results, translation to people with different parameters, and agreement on specific causes and specific effects, I won’t make any progress at all.

My project starts tomorrow. Depending on how successful this business is, I may try additional experiments.

But one thing at a time…

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