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Life Expectancy Is Dropping – Is Yours?

Recent media reports indicate that the average American life expectancy has decreased again.

It was as high as 79 as recently as 2019 but has dropped for the second time in 2021 to 76. It is claimed to be the biggest decline in life span in more than 100 years. Previously, the U.S. had a higher life expectancy than many other nations – but this is no longer the case.

Admittedly, Covid has impacted the average life expectancy in the past couple of years, and so did drug overdoses and suicides. The statistics, however, reveals that Covid was not the primary cause of death in the United States – but some other health issues still hold the top spot. Because of this, you should not assume that your life expectancy will be any shorter than your relatives that lived a long time.

Although Covid fell into third place as a major cause of death, two other diseases continued to hold first and second place – heart disease and cancer. While Covid is not yet preventable, you can reduce the risk of getting heart disease or cancer.

Mississippi ranked the lowest with 71.9 years of life expectancy

Other health problems within the top nine primary causes of death in the U.S. include unintentional injuries, stroke, respiratory diseases, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and chronic liver disease. Taking the right steps, Americans can lower their risk of getting these diseases.

Starting and establishing a more healthy way of life can considerably reduce your risk of getting these diseases. It is often the case – even if your genes say you may be prone to one or more of them. Using this method, though it may sound simplistic, can increase your longevity.

The number one best method of increasing your lifespan does not come in a pill. The best way to stay healthy – without question – is to exercise. Because exercise strengthens your immune system, it can help your body fight many diseases, including those which come with getting older. It is those diseases that normally end the life of many seniors.

Although your body’s immune system does grow weaker with age, exercise will help keep it strong longer. Exercise should be conducted for about 30 minutes each day for five days a week, but it does not have to be done at once if there are time constraints. You can break it down into 10-minute segments.

A healthy diet needs to accompany exercise because it will supply your body and brain with the nutrition they need to stay healthy. The Mediterranean diet is considered the best because it consists of more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, more fish, and less red meat. Sometimes, you may need to add some vitamin supplements to your diet because your body may no longer absorb some important nutrients as easily.

Quitting smoking is another major factor in human life expectancy. Generally, smoking will take about ten years off your life. Consuming lots of alcohol frequently will take off even more years if you have both habits.

Getting regular medical care when needed is another factor in living longer. The states with the lowest number of insured people are also those with the lowest average lifespan. Going for an annual physical is important, and getting scans for breast, colon, and prostate cancers can save a life when caught early and treated.

The decreasing lifespan of Americans does not have to be your story. By making the above lifestyle changes, you can be in the ranks of those who break the norm. 

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