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Aging Tim vs. Aging

Tim vs Aging – Day 7 – Some Results!

After 36 hours without food, I was surprised that I wasn’t hungry this morning. Still, since I had already planned to “break my fast” with a big meal, I fixed breakfast, two eggs, three strips of bacon and two pieces of toast. I left behind one egg and a half piece of toast because, as mentioned before, I’m never really hungry in the morning.

But here is the big news. I’m down 3.5 pounds!

Of course, I will likely gain some of this back since I am actually eating today, and I don’t intend to enter any swimsuit competitions anytime soon, but it bodes well for the project.

Workout with Trisha cut short just a few minutes, but Trisha noted that I had started off much stronger than last time.

But the bottom line is that I completed a week of my schedule, I’m down a few pounds and I have not suffered unduly. The overall goals of the project from my perspective at the moment are:

1. See if the anti-aging supplements and methods work.
2. Get in better shape.
3. Develop some patterns and strategies to move forward.
4. Defeat former UFC champ Andre Arlovsky in MMA combat.

I’m not going to hit a 30-year-old biological age in 60 days. And I won’t keep any of the gains that I plan to achieve over the next 53 days if I don’t change some habits and move forward with a regimen that works. That is the key to everything.

And Arlovski needs a worthy opponent, I’ll get there…

Another brutal workout with Trisha, I have some of it on camera, should be able to attach to some posts this week.

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